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10 Free Awesome Mobile Apps!

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I’m Jake and get ready to App All Knight!!! I can’t control my power. Quick protect yourself in this Test Chamber. Test Chamber is a very puzzling puzzle game. You push blocks around with your block headed body to bridge the gaps between platforms. But it is not as straight forward as it seems. In fact the game moves in many directions because surrounding your specific area are the same areas repeated, mirroring exactly what you do.

You have to use them to your advantage to escape each level like walking from one to another to get around obstacles. As you progress you interact with different characters and find out about the Infinite World that you and your fellow block heads are hoping to escape to. Just don’t get too close to the edge but if you fall, I hope that you’re a Hanger…World. If Happy Wheels and Spider-Man had a baby it would probably be Hanger World, the sequel to the super popular Hanger. Swing your floppy body from place to place as you avoid spinning propellers, lasers, and blades. You’ll definitely lose some legs…and the majority of your body…but those appendages were just holding you back anyway. Have you lost weight? Look at how majestic you are. Fly my sweet child, fly! Eep, just don’t lose your head or you lose the game.

This game is so realistic, look at the physics! Especially the physics of the rop. Do you like untangling string? You do? FANTASTIC then rop is definitely your game. There is a grid. In that grid you have your rope that must be untangled and formed into the shape shown. Nothing too crazy, right? Wrong! We were so wrong. The lines can overlap but the black dots have to be on their own point, no stacking. The ropes get more intractly tangled and arranged as the game progresses and it can get very difficult. I don’t know about you but this hexagon grid is making me feel trapped, how about you and I go on an adventure? Nubs’ Adventure! A platformer where we find our cute little Nubs with his home destroyed. He has to explore and find the crystals needed to rebuild it. On the journey you’ll encounter various enemies to boomerang into submission, ropes to climb or cross, teleports to teleport with and creatures to control.

Like this giant worm that blasts out of the ground and can move through all manner of dirt. The game feels very open, encourages exploration and has a really nice visual style. Speaking of visual style, let’s create our own with Polygen. Polygen is a photo manipulation tool that let’s you turn your pictures into something more like this. Once you’ve done that you can go in and adjust the color effect, and the points. It comes with 2 styles unlocked but gives you the option to create unique custom ones. When finished with your image, you can share it with other users and see their creations. If you end up not liking your creation you can always put it in the Shredmill. Not to be confused with my death metal band of the same name, Shredmill is a fairly straight forward game. Don’t get shredded, or pushed off the treadmill, or blown off the treadmill…really, just stay on the treadmill. You tap between both sides avoiding all manner of destructive items to get the highest score possible. However do not avoid the little trampoline things. They are fun unless they jump you directly into a shredder in which case how could you do that little trampoline.

HOW?! That’s it. Get your things and Pac, man…256 Pac-Man 256 takes the classic game you know and love and makes it endless. PM moves through endless levels, doing what Pac-Man does, eating white dots, fruits, avoiding ghosts, destroying ghosts, oh and now there are power-ups like lasers and bombs. Also thrown into the mix is the map 256 glitch from the original arcade game that slowly creeps towards you. Corrupting everything in it’s path. Quick side note: It happened in the original game because Pac-Man’s level counter was an 8-bit byte, so it could only store 256 distinct values (0 – 255). Because of a bug in the code after level 255 it rolled over to 256 which resulted in this. Back to the topic at hand: not only do you have to watch out for those ghastly ghosts but also for the glitch of doom.

And because of your natural ability and skills with, well, everything you will soon be a grandmaster…a Shibuya Grandmaster. Shibuya Grandmaster is like a bizzarro version of Tetris. There are falling blocks but you have to add the color that they will become. Two of the same color allows you to break them apart and clear them. The more of the same color you get in a row, the better you’ll do but you have to really plan your strategy.

A lot of time you’ll be filling the blocks out of order and what to outsiders would seem in a haphazard way but it is all part of your brilliant plan to win the game…oh…ok that didn’t work out very well I’m going to move to a slower speed. Ok, maybe I’m not a Grandmaster yet but if this game had some shooting well, then I’d be great at that. I’m gonna try my luck with Cally’s Caves 3. If you haven’t played Cally’s Caves 1 or 2 well good news you don’t really need to to figure out what is happening in the 3rd one. What you need to know is this: You have a sword and an arsenal of weapons in your quest to rescue your parents from the evil Dr. Herbert. The game is a really fun platforms that has you battling all different kinds of enemies across 120 levels.

You can level up your weapons and yourself the more you play. It also has a checkpoint system every few levels so if you die before reaching the next one, you have to start a couple levels back. It makes it so you can’t just run into a situation guns ablazin, but if you want to then make sure you have some milk and fruit to eat to regain hearts. There are also weapon power ups you can use coins to get like freezing and poison. The game also has some pretty great boss battles, as well. After all that action why don’t we relax by going for a ride in my top app of this episode, Does Not Commute. Does Not Commute is awesome. You guide a car on a specific path to get where it needs to get in the shortest amount of time. However, after guiding one car, you have to guide another, and another, and another, all then moving simultaneously and all while avoiding the previous cars. If you crash, your car goes slower and you can keep it at that pace or rewind time but lose 1 second. And each second is precious.

There are timer boosts you can grab but your overall time moves on with you to each level so the more time you have, the better you’ll do down the line. Also, it is important to note that just like in life, each vehicle handles differently so be aware of that when the timer starts. There are also power ups you can use like traction or speed but they each have drawbacks. Traction makes the car go slower and speed makes the traction worse. What really adds to the entire game is the little bits of information we are given about each of the car’s inhabitants..

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10 Free Awesome Mobile Apps!

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