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10 Funny TINDER FAILS So Crazy

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– Howdy, I am Tom from Adults React and the FBE Community Team. I’m just popping on before this video to let you guys know that FBE just released a new episode of their animated show, Reverse Ratings. The episode is actually a G rated retelling of the movie Seven and I play a pretty solid part in it. Tori and Brandon also make cameos in it. It’s so much fun. There’s a bunch of other Reverse Ratings that are coming out, like R rated Harry Potter and R rated Wizard of Oz. You guy should go check it out. It’s over on the FBE channel. I don’t wanna take up any more of your time, so enjoy the episode. Go check it out. Bye. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Okay, so we’ve been getting some comments asking for us to show you guys some epic Tinder conversations. – Oh, ooh, okay. I’ve seen some of my friends’ Tinder convos, who are over eighteen and those can be nuts.

– I’ve definitely seen them online but I actually have never used the app. – I assume it can get weird. People are weird. – I wonder if any of them are gonna be mine. – Okay, don’t tell my mom, but I do have a Tinder. I actually don’t ever message people. I do enjoy swiping. – I love when people are super savage or super witty in it or when people are cringey, when they’re like, “I complimented you. Now you have to have sex with me.” It’s like, what the [bleep]? – “Hey there, how would you like some bad pick up lines?” See, these are the best. This is what Tinder is good for, you know? It’s just memeing to each other. – “Are you a loan, ’cause you’re gaining my interest.” “Lollll. Killed it. My turn?” “Oh yeah, let’s hear it.” – “Are you a banker, ’cause leave me a loan.” They have been served. – She didn’t have to answer back, though. You could have been a little bit nicer. – Is it mandatory? Do you have to start with a pun or a weird picture? – This was corny. You’re in 2017. Pick yourself up. Do something more clever.

You could do more clever things with pickup lines nowadays. – “Hi Alex, how’s the day treating you so far?” – “Excellent! I finally finished my first novel!” – “Seriously? Congratulations, that’s quite an accomplishment. What type of writing do you do?” – “Oh no, I don’t write. I read.” – I wouldn’t have taken it as “I’m writing a novel.” but I could see how she or he could have misunderstood, so it’s not that bad. – Man, if you’re old enough to be on Tinder and you read your first book, I am glad that they can type. – Give him a break.

It’s his first novel. It’s okay. – “So, I see from your pics you prefer Pepsi.” Knew I should’ve swiped left.” Well, you’re already starting off on the wrong foot there. – “Haha, Coca Cola lover?” “Please stop messaging me.” – “I like Coca Cola.” “That’s it, I’m blocking you.” If you preferred Pepsi, I might swipe left too. – I would have swiped left too. Pepsi’s gross. – This was funny. Hopefully, they had a blossoming relationship where they could argue over Coca Cola and Pepsi all the time. That would be a cute relationship. – Maybe if you’re this picky, you should just learn to expand your horizons a little bit. That’s my advice. – Being mean in pickup lines is third grade. Just be upfront. Be like, “Yo, I think you’re pretty.” and then see where it goes. – “Hey.” “Hey.” “Wow, quick response.” Dang. This is almost a year later. I’m not gonna lie, that’s me.

– That’s actually me though. Even if it’s my best friend and they’re just asking me when we’re meeting up or something, I either text them back in two seconds or three weeks. – I like, “Wow, quick response.” It’s like five, six months later. – First one was at AM, so quality Tinder time to swipe. Just getting that started. – In my mind, if I was a girl, I’d be like, “After four months, this guy is still thinking about me? You swooned me over.” – I hope for their sake, it worked out. – “Do you have any raisins?” “Yeah, plenty.” “You ruined my pickup line.” – “Oh, my bad. Ask me again.” “Do you have any raisins?” “No.” “Well, how about a date?” “No.” “You ruined my pickup line.” – You ruined your chances yourself.

That’s a horrible pickup line. – She probably didn’t know the joke. She was just like, “What?” How do raisins have to do with dating? I don’t get it.” – I would have thought this was hilarious and I would have been like, yes. – I am the type of person who ruins jokes, ’cause I can’t understand over text messages if it’s sarcasm or real. You know, some of them you win. Some of them you lose. – Emily. “So Emily, I just asked Siri what I should say to a girl with a cute smile on Tinder.” – “She said tell Emily, you auto complete me.” “Haha.” – Anyone who uses that, with the P. Should have swiped left.

– Who uses emoticons anymore? I would just end the conversation right there. That’s weird. – I feel like if you had to do a pickup line, you have to be more clever. Super clever. Sometimes you have to make me think and I’ll be like, “Oh, I get it now.” – This was 2015. It was a simpler time and someone liked it. Maybe you found your match on Tinder. I can’t judge you. – “Twinkle twinkle little–” Oh no, oh no. There’s a naughty word in there. – ♪ “Twinkle twinkle little star, let’s have sex inside my car.” ♪ You know, right there off the bat, good job for keeping the rhyme pattern and the syllable count. – “How well has that one been working for you?” “I think I would have had more success sending the original song.” Now I like the pickup line. – You can tell that’s one of the ones that’s a copy and paste for everyone they match with.

– That was more creative than the raisins one, so you know what? If you send this to 200 people, maybe one person will find it funny. – I just wonder if these puns actually lead to dates and meaningful relationships and they’ll be like, “How’d you guys meet?” “Oh, you know, when he said– He texted me, Twinkle twinkle little star. Let’s have sex inside my car. And I just knew he was the one for me.” – “Hey. You look super cute in that sundress in your pic. May be the cutest girl I’ve ever seen.” “That’s my friend. I’m next to her.” – “Oh, well I love your glasses then. Intelligence is super attractive.” “Still not me.” – There’s more than three people in that picture? – Swing and a miss and then a strike too. – It’s never something you wanna hear. I feel bad, but also like me.

I’d be that one. – What people need to know is that they should not be putting group pics on their Tinder. Especially if it’s the first pic. It’s like, all right. I guess I’m swiping right or left for three different people right now. – “So, are we married now? Is this how this works?” “Yeah, me plus you plus my roommate Lindsey who you sent the same message to.” – “Haha, that’s the first time that’s happened.” – Right there, that automatically tells everybody reading this that’s not the first time that’s happened. – That’s a terrible opener, honestly. – No one would ever go up to people on the street and give the same pickup line to every single person they saw.

– I would have gone on a three person date and see what happens. – “I want your dong. Dog.” – “Then we should bang. Hang.” “Prime response.” That was a good response. – I think it’s a great way to get people to swipe right is to have a dog in the picture. – If I was not meaning to send a text like that and I did, I’d be like, well there goes my [bleep] life. I’m done. I can’t ever talk to this person in my life again. – She seems to agree. That’s a prime response. I like that. You know what? That’s clever. I like it. – That’s the way to take Tinder. You want to take it seriously to not offend someone.

At the same time, have fun with it. – It makes me real glad that I don’t have Tinder. I mean, I’m not of age yet, but just in general, people are a lot. – People in real life don’t talk to each other– I hope they don’t talk to each other like this. You do what you want. Who am I to judge? Well, I’m judging right now. – Thanks for watching this episode on the React Channel. – We have new episodes every single day, so Subscribe. – Leave your embarrassing Tinder stories in the comments. – Bye, guys. – Hey, I’m Katie, a React Channel producer. If you could super like this episode and hit that Like button, that would be awesome. Thank you so much for watching. Bye, guys..

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10 Funny TINDER FAILS So Crazy

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