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10 Strange Chinese Products

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Today, we’re looking at 10 strange Chinese items

All right So if you guys didn’t know there are tons of these Chinese websites that sell Weird and wacky things for dirt cheap or super expensive you never know what you’re gonna get but a lot of times They’re crazy, and I’m gonna let you know whether it’s cash or trash Let’s get that trash can boom,ohhh there we go oooohhh there we go Let’s hit it Brand-new supreme cash cannon money gun make it rain money gun red Christmas gift toys for sale, okay so evidently what they’re saying here the people that buy supreme have money to just shoot at other people right I Mean I heard of this brand supreme is like how much are their clothes extremely close like how much? Do we know I don’t buy supreme we have people the offset by supreme But if I’m gonna take a shot in the dark at how much it is I post like a pair of pants like 150-200 bucks.

He’s got it He’s got the gun behind him like he’s about to like take someone out like never been shot with money you been shot with arrogance before This shot was right you have been shot with a hundred dollar bill You know what that feels like that’s not even real money. Who’s buying these? Maybe supreme is buying these Maybe supreme actually commissioned these to be made for their like branding events or they’re just like yeah, we got extra money all right Dude, let’s let’s test it out. Dude.

Bye now Jeez it’s like all dented up, dude, that’s from my drop yeah Look cash cannon all right, and oh Look it came with cash What if I want to shoot real cash For real That’s literally all it is I? Think does it have to be more than that here’s the thing Tanner Haven’t you ever wanted to know what it felt like to had to have cash shot at you more than anything in the world This is your lucky day. Tell me about it. This is your lucky day You haven’t you ever wanted to shoot somebody with cash no, I want to get shot by cash I can show you attached to if you want.

It’s okay. Oh shoot cash crazy how it Might hurt oh Just jammed hard already hard core jammed oh You shove it. No. I don’t think it’s super great for that there. You go bask in it man pay than it did To the shin Here’s the thing it works It works and Maybe what we can do tanner is find out who is buying supreme here at the office and gives it give them This as a roast Person you like and then give him the money to like use your race Let’s do it. I say casual Bruce Lee kung fu foam-padded nunchuck ooh nunchuck ghosts with metal swivel and chain Here’s the thing I’ve seen Chad wild clay buy a bunch of these that’s kind of his shtick now He buys all these weapons. This is a link to his channel right there, but He’s actually trained with these right. He’ll like a Bow like swinging around and stuff like that. I feel like if I try to swing it around Someone’s gonna be missing a tooth after if you’re if you’re down. I’m down. Let’s let’s make it happen captain ID card Okay, this is real metal I Think this was a tactic at scaring people when you have nunchucks Come winter I think but the chain to be wrinkly back it just breaks and snatching the face I Think that’s like an aggressive.

You know you know like the pump the pump fake. I’m talking like when you’re in a fight, and you’re You know yeah, the pump fake. I don’t think it actually works. I think this is the same thing. It’s just it’s meaningless but Mmm. That’s the Nicolas Cage face? Alright and what’s a meet you? Alright, okay, what do you want to hit me? I don’t want to hit you that sounded weird Where do you want to be hit? I mean you requested me hit you okay, I think That’s a good hit all right. Let’s give me like in the back That’s comfortable comfortable, yeah No you Gotta commit So here’s what you do right watch out I’m I will actually watch out for this one right you go like this right, and then you go Oh, I don’t know what he did like he goes like this, and then he goes like Oh yeah, you’re supposed to like catch it Without knocking you to that okay, 1% one more time did it Now I have to do the other side this looks so Tesla coil amazing flashing generator Marx generator teaching experiment this looks Risky you really think I’m gonna do that dog dude 100% look at you.

Oh my word guys It’ll wizard If you want to see me like potentially shock myself and those around me Like I don’t think we can do this anywhere near equipment if you want to see us buy this thing Hit that like button I say I say a thousand likes for every dollar dude one hundred and thirty eight thousand likes Hundred thirty-eight thousand likes because it’s a hundred and thirty-eight dollars Bob Beach Beach Yeah, that good type of on a birch floating ball game one pint two balls lungs capacity tree One bike every item you pick out it happens to be the weirdest one Add to Cart The idea here is that you put this in here, and then you blow and the ball hovers cut it down I Did it How’s that make you feel how is it training me what is it training me Walker oh you got to keep blowing Well I reduced I’m so head right now.

How does this training me? I was already like super lethargic before and now like I’m like I feel I Feel it send it I can take a nap right now. I feel like I’m seeing everything out hazy right now Amanda, where are you a plus cashing? Little people Tisa Interesting teapot kitchen tools cute mister tea pot kettle boil tea strainer coffee and tea set silicon mug Wow Are you done with your tags? Okay? People are tagging their titles who is searching mr. Teapot kettle boil I mean I do So lightheaded still I’m falling asleep. What is this? funny little thing for the money soft elastic but not falling apart bad that it handles our false pop up sometimes when Washing and to big holes only for large tea leaf Funny little thing for the money he went from like proper English man like my English isn’t great.

I had the car, dude Hopefully this tea can wake me up right now That is tiny dude It’s tiny boy. Is that how it came well does a little person it is a little person lemmas for sure Why aren’t these just one piece? Why did these come off great? Now get get it back on wait. No I did never mind. Just kidding his arm. Just fell off again Did I do that I think you did that one it just won’t go back in You it’s so fuzzy, too. There’s like dust and crap all over it. That’s to your team. Oh Yeah, they heat with the heat miss so Here we go here’s a load of guy What? Guy here’s our guy, we got some tea, we got some water here we go Put it in his pants.

Oh, you got some teen yo pain cuz he’s got room am I right, then I put it back on Which is somewhat difficult, and then he just hangs off the side I? Have to rate this already and immediately a trash It just simply because he’s hanging out way way too much. You would have You would have to fill up your cup with boiling water Beyond anything that you’re comfortable with to get him to rest deep enough in the cup to actually start working I mean, it’s working, but it’s not working right now. I say trash. I was looking for green tea too because I need it Silicon swim gear fins hand wet flippers silicone.

Okay, so this is a hand web. That’s what it looked like at first I was like oh someone that’s just like not accepting that they’re not a mermaid I Can be one trust me I belong in the water science for children took the girl oh No Seven years fingers thin came just right I tried on itself but was able to put only on half peasant to the touch a pleasant Peasant in the water has not yet been tested waiting for the sea I’m waiting for the sea to come to me without Liam Neeson.

I’m not going to the sea at the car Medium I have large hands Tanner have you not noticed this weird This is really rude. This is like when you get into that territory of like I Wish I was a fish and not a human. I mean it’s maybe gonna fit Let’s see you dude. I feel like I Had to do that to just see if it was moving more air oh It moves a lot more air look look. I’m gonna blow air at you with my regular hand Wow yeah yeah, so push more air it’s gonna push more water as as sad as they look oh So sweaty. I have to say that the caching you do they’re on a roll today Fidget pen as cube anti-stress think ink pen toy stress wheel fidget finger spinner So it’s just supposed to be a pen that you can also fidget your life away with fab Loves to do with this pen better than any fidget spinner, cube. I’m actually curious at the card Pretend that wasn’t there Goten Oh Homos dude we’re gonna can do it. Dude guys. He can do it hey All right, man think ink pen yeah How interesting, but if you put the ink inside it it’s gonna break what what are all these balls So we have to assemble it I believe no stop.

Oh what their magnetic? That’s the point that’s the point. That’s It oh look it’s art. There’s already a pen inside of it, then what’s this just an extra yeah, it’s just an extra Okay, so there’s already pen inside of it, and I was able to bend it fairly well Right, that’s weird though. I don’t know I mean it’s barely sturdy when you’re writing with it But it’s also able to be bended bent So here’s the question Why is that is that something? We care about right here the magnet bowls on the side of it? I mean I feel like you could just do this with any just It just fell off and there we go I feel like you do this with like any pen just like attach a magnet to and Be like its budget pen Yay I’m trying to get to a point at which I would like really like to use this pen He was waiting Wow it’s actually pretty pretty strong that magnet is pretty strong I’m not gonna lie to you as opposed to the other times. I would lie to you Normally would lie to you. I normally would lie to you This could annoy the crap out of your coworkers and there it fell off again so for that reason I’m gonna have to rate it a trash and for every other reason as well Not I don’t know I just feel like a fidget Cube is much better than this a pitcher spinner is the best QB think is better than that yeah Because there’s no buttons on this.

I’m a button kind of guy. I like to clickety-clack of the clackety click. You know I’m saying New sale decision maker metal, cube, where did I greet, cube? We’re good like Reed, cube Yeah, that’s what it was new sale decision maker metal ball finger spinner anti-stress tool toy prophesy fate decision ball It’s really difficult to read when it’s just tags it’s like not a sentence or actually anything or they’re just trying to like pollute it With as many clickable words as possible, so we’re gonna ask this thing some questions Add to Cart Heavy my word that is so heavy Why is it so heavy you can’t they just make it out of I mean why am I complaining? I guess that’s good quality there, right So here’s the idea of this this little guy you spin it and as you spin it that red Sphere that red ball in there will land on one of these numbers you see that one of these numbers so Tanner Ask a question dude.

Ask your ask about your future isn’t my future bright Go for it, dude Go again alright doesn’t Matt have nicer shirts at home Just pray that I do Alright does Tanner own a shirt that doesn’t reveal his nips It’s a bit of an inside joke but Tanner all walks around the office with these giant cut out holes that everyone sees his nips Give what do people know? Does he have shirts that don’t reveal tell me dude. It’s time to just take it off and just start selling yourself, but just Sell out is Tanner gonna get a raise this year They’re like there’s a lot more options that does anything Yeah, so it’s like we haven’t even hit some of these options yet, okay? One more final question give us a finale question all right. What’s what’s the question? What’s the question Well Tanner Ever find true. Love oh That’s a great one the fate of Your future depends on this Tanner is Tanner ever gonna find love Yes, it’s a defendant. Yes. It’s a defendant of yes, dude I’m talking about all right ladies you heard him go fall our Tanner and profess your love if you’re interested I say that’s a cash-in dude.

I’m gonna literally answer all my questions when anyone comes up to me at my office I’m gonna put this on my desk. I’m gonna be like people are gonna come up to me like what should I do? Guys before we get onto the next couple of products make sure you’re subscribed by clicking that big ol subscribe button down below Because if you’re not you’re not gonna get these big these fit You’re not gonna get these videos regularly And you want to clearly big toe stretcher separators trainers Pollux bagless I don’t like any of these words bunions splint huh This is disturbing why does someone need to separate their toes? Are certainly know this is if you are if you accidentally leave on those webbed If they just become a part of you, and you have webbed toes then use this to separate it alleviates tension reduces toe and foot discomfort straighten bent toes What I mean I have like some of my toes are actually slightly bent, but I feel like everyone’s toe is somewhat been yeah I don’t think you want straight toes I don’t think that’s a desire because I think them being bent helps with your ability to walk I don’t know who knows really oh my word.

Why this is so weird It’s so small no no I’m not a big sized toe I’m not gonna dig up my sock That looks like Gore Alex back. Oh honey it hurts hey There’s some points that I hate my life. This is one of them is the hardest on the desk or the feet For that reason I’ll give it a Kashuk I get her Turner caches caches, dude, it’s a weapon as well Indoor and outdoor children children grasping Oh Indoor and outdoor children grasping the ball pattern to the exercise grasping hand Children grasping punctuation Punctuation is a time at which this is needed why all right guys let’s buy it by now I Don’t understand what this is oh, okay? So the bowls now you take out Your hold this so you put your hand in like this There’s a little menacing, dude if I like mister Pac Man or something It’s it’s very like Oh barge back oh Thank you fire oh Yeah, well now I see Do that going back back Whoo I’m fucked a little steam okay one more time one more time ready See that video right there that is a video that YouTube thinks you specifically will enjoy based on your past viewing patterns I don’t know.

I YouTube is the one that picks it, so let’s see if YouTube’s right Let me know in the comments of that video alright. See you over there high-five.

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10 Strange Chinese Products

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