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10 Viral Videos You Didn’t Know Were FAKE!

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– Today we gonna keep it 100. So we all love to watch viral videos and pass them around because they’re inherently compelling, but what if I told you some of the most viral that you’ve ever seen were actually faked? These are 10 viral videos you didn’t know were fake. Number 10 is Waitress Goes Through Window. For some reason, most human beings tend to laugh at other people’s misfortunes, especially when those misfortunes happen to be with a camera rolling so that they can be seen again and again. Such was the case in 2007 when a video showing a waitress tidying up went viral. In the clip, the woman is clearing glasses when suddenly she trips on a stool and lurches forward. Before she can catch her balance again, she stumbles over a second stool and crashes through a plate glass window. The clip became incredibly popular, getting hundreds of thousands of views, which was viral back in 2006. The thing is, the clip was actually taken out of a one minute long commercial for Dulcoease, basically a poop softener, and today the clip has millions of views. I’m not sure how crashing through glass is equated to taking a poop, but if that’s what it’s like for you, go see a doctor.

Number nine is Pauly Shore gets punched. Leave it to Pauly Shore to fake out millions of people in what he apparently thought was comedy gold. The comedian was doing a standup routine in Odessa, Texas in November of 2006, when a heckler decided to interrupt the show. Chastising him, Shore winced as a large man stepped up onstage, soon after delivering a punch to the comedian’s face and knocking him to the floor. Ooh, it’s crazy, how did that happen? Yeah, it was fake. Though it seems real mostly due to the number of cameras that captured and recorded it, what actually happened moments before the punch reveals the truth. Shore actually told the audience what was about to happen and encouraged them to film it, upload it, and claim it was authentic just to mess with people. The video gained millions of views and tons of traction before Shore eventually came forward in January of 2007 when he released the full clip of his set. Ah yeah, that was a good prank, buddy.

Number eight is an armed BMW driver. You should never underestimate people who drive nice cars, and this clip appears at first glance to be clear evidence of that. Making the rounds online, this video, sometimes called Hicks versus Yuppies, BMW chase, or even How I Got My Camera, became a viral hit, drawing praise from people who felt the ignorant characters got what they deserved. But all viewers had to do was go to the web address planted in the top right corner and they would see a post from its creators admitting the video was faked by four friends, but nobody actually does that ’cause people is lazy. The video was re-uploaded on YouTube, where it has over seven million views and 17,000 comments, many of which claim that hicks got what they deserved and they apparently believe this is a real documentation of how things went down, you know, because people often post their armed camera thefts online. Number seven is Ultimate Batting Practice. One part athleticism and many parts science, this video uploaded on August 8th, 2011 shows us a truly skilled batter who hits a ball across a baseball diamond infield and into an awaiting trampoline, which sends it to another, then another, then another until it comes back to him only for the batter to start the process over again.

Soon, he calls for another ball and then has two balls bouncing around the diamond continuously. But of course, physics doesn’t allow for this. Soon after the clip was released on the YouTube channel Easton Dream Crazy, the clip went viral, only to have a large number of viewers cry foul. The video creators eventually admitted that it was a hoax and even uploaded a video showing how they did it, but the original still has well over five million views. Number six is Lonelygirl15. On June 16th, 2006, a 16-year-old girl named Bree Bagon uploaded videos about her life to YouTube under the username Lonelygirl15, but it wasn’t long before eagle-eyed viewers realized that something wasn’t quite right with the way that Bree was being treated by her parents and others in her religious organization. Soon, people started calling the vlogs out as fake, and in September of 2006, just three months later, the hoax was uncovered. Bree was really a 19-year-old New Zealand actress named Jessica Lee Rose and the videos being uploaded were a fictional web series designed by three men, Miles Beckett, Mesh Flinders, and Greg Gottfried. Though the series was outed, viewership of the videos exploded, so the producers and actors continued turning the series into its own extended universe and interactive entertainment.

Today, the videos on the Lonelygirl15 YouTube channel have collectively gained over 300 million views. Number five is Twerk and Catch Fire. On September 3rd, 2013, Caitlin Heller uploaded a video of herself twerking upside down against her door, one that now has over 19 and a half million views. Moments after she starts, the door opens, knocking Heller onto a table of alcohol and burning candles, which instantly catches her yoga pants on fire.

The girl screams as she leaps back onto her couch and the video abruptly ends. In only six days, the video gained over nine million views and was talked about on dozens if not hundreds of news programs and viral video sites. But of course, it was fake. On September 9th, 2013, late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel revealed to the world that it was actually he and his team that staged the video, and Heller was really a stunt woman named Daphne Avalon.

You can even watch the extended clip which shows Kimmel bursting in with a fire extinguisher and putting out all flames in the room before giving a big thumbs up and flashing a grin. See, you don’t believe everything you hear online, people. Half of it could be fake. Number four is Ape with an AK-47. This video was released on July 6th, 2011 and currently has over 37 million views. In the clip, West African soldiers are seen sitting in their camp when a friendly ape comes strolling in, curious about the guests in his jungle. Taunting the animal, one soldier hands it an AK-47 he’s armed with, laughing as his comrades and the ape hold the gun in the air and waves it about, that is, until the ape starts shooting up the place.

This video made people both laugh and panic, worried that they’d witnessed the killing of soldiers, but of course, it wasn’t real. This staged and CGI heavy clip was part of the marketing material for 20th Century Fox’s 2011 Blockbuster, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, though many even today truly still believe it was real. People, apes don’t use guns, don’t be ridiculous. No, they’ll just eat your face. It’s very different. Number three is Eagle Takes Child. In what would clearly be a parent’s worst nightmare, bystanders, including the man who shot the famous video that went viral, could only watch as a horrific scene unfolded right in front of them. A giant golden eagle, ca-caw, swooped down from the skies over Mont Royal Park in Montreal, Canada, where families were enjoying the nice weather and snatched a toddler, lifting the boy only for a second before dropping him and flying away while people panicked and ran to the child’s aid.

The video made the rounds on various news web sites and even appeared on multiple television programs, prompting the creators of the video to come clean the very next day. It turns out the viral video was created by three students as a 3D rendering project, mixing video and animation effects. Before the group confessed, though, the video had been viewed over five million times, and though it’s now outed as a fake, it’s still earned itself over 43 million views. That is some serious Adsense. I need to work on my CGI. Number two is World of Warcraft Canceled Freak Out. When you’re a teenager, the smallest things seem to set you off and have you throwing an embarrassing tantrum in no time. Knowing this, a young boy named Jack decided to record his elder brother Steven’s reaction when he finds out their mother canceled the older man’s World of Warcraft account.

What we get to witness is hilarious yet jaw-dropping as the teenager screams multiple times, yells threats that he’s running away, runs in and out of his own closet, and strips off down to his boxers, all while stomping around and ultimately looking like someone who’s just lost their mind. He even goes so far into his deranged tantrum that he tries to shove his television’s remote control probably in the most uncomfortable place you could put it. Of course, this and many sequels the two brothers filmed were all fake. The pair were not only outed by multiple viewers, but their own mother called them out as actors in the news. Damn, that’s one cold mama. They could’ve been making all kinds of Adsense and been famous.

Just mm-mm, mama ain’t got no time for the internet. And number one is Leeroy Jenkins. On May 11th, 2005, a video was uploaded to Warcraft Movies, a video sharing site devoted to the MMO game, World of Warcraft. The video features a character named Leeroy Jenkins, played by Ben Schultz, and a group of his friends as they prepare to take on a particularly difficult mission in the game. But in the middle of planning, Schultz apparently gets impatient and has his character run into combat, shouting the infamous name loudly into the microphone, “Leeroy Jenkins!” since the group is unprepared for the battle, they are quickly defeated, but Ben doesn’t seem to care. The clip has been seen by tens of millions of people and has been reproduced hundreds of times, but sadly, the entire event was staged. The original video on Warcraft Movies claimed it was a prepared skit for fun, though since it’s become a popular meme, Schultz has changed his tune, claiming that it was real, but sorry Ben, it’s too late.

I’m not gonna lie, I really thought that last clip was real until I did the research for this video. My life is ruined. Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed this video. On the right you’ll find two of my most recent videos that you can press or click on your screen right now if you’d like to watch some more, and other than that, I will see you guys in the next video. Bye..

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10 Viral Videos You Didn’t Know Were FAKE!

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