17 DIY Macrame Wall Hanging Ideas

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Learn how to make any of these ideas for macrame wall hanging decors and never spend big bucks on trendy home decoration again.

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Make Macrame Wall Hanging Decor for Your Home1. Macrame Wall Hanging DIY for Beginners

| If you’re interested in macrame but haven’t got around to starting yet, this basic guide for beginners will get you hooked. Learn your basic tools, knots, and weaves and this simple pattern and design will guide you through.

2. DIY Vintage Macrame Wall Hanging Headboard

Add a magical touch to your bed and a fancy feel to your bedroom with this macrame headboard decor. Turn to this macrame hanging headboard idea for a surprisingly sophisticated finishing touch.

3. Boho Macrame

| This inspiration design for a boho macrame wall hanging looks superb in the living room, the hallway, or your bedroom but they’re also great outdoors. This will look great on your covered patio which will give it a bohemian fix indeed.

4. DIY Modern Driftwood Macrame Wall Hanging

| Driftwood is a whimsical and charming medium when featured in decors, but best of all you can have it for free. A morning beach comb will yield you a few great pieces.

With several macrame pieces on hand, take the whole idea for this rustic decor project and make you own.

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5. How to Make Macrame Owl Hanging

I’ve seen this owl macrame in a friend’s house and my eyes turned green with envy for this cozy decor hanging up her wall. This step-by-step guide on how to make a wall hanging owl lets you make one for yourself even if you’re only a beginner.

I can tell because I went and made two for my bedroom wall.

6. DIY Brass Ring Macrame Dreamcatcher

| I super love dream catchers! They say you can hang these right above your bed so you won’t have nightmares.

Maybe it won’t but a beautiful decor you made on your own over your head will let you have lovely dreams for sure. So make one for your bedroom now with this easy step-by-step tutorial.

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous #dreamcatcher? ?? Learn how to make one! https://t.co/TLe0SHnm9z pic.twitter.com/DhkMxB58ZG

— DIY Projects (@DIYProjectsCom) October 8, 2016

7. Macrame Two Hearts Wall Hanging Tutorial

For macrame beginners who are now getting the hang of it, this lovely two hearts macrame should be your next fix. With only two basic knots to use–the lark’s head knot and double square knot–you will graduate from your beginner’s status.

8. How to Make Macrame Upside Down Rainbow Wall Hanging

While macrame wall hangings tend to have neutral colors, dare to venture into more colorful ones. Take on this rainbow wall hanging macrame project perfect for a bare wall in your home.

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9. DIY Macrame Plant Hanger

Get the decor value of two for the effort of one with this macrame wall planter hanger. You have a wall hanging decor and a planter for your favorite indoor plant.

We suggest English ivy or golden pathos as these are natural indoor purifiers with a lovely trailing growth.

10. DIY Macrame Wall Hanging with Fringe

Whether in fashion and home decor, fringes are all the rage these days. Add fringes to your DIY macrame pattern and see how in this video tutorial.

11. How to Macra-Weave Tutorial

While this isn’t an easy feat for beginners, take your time to make this macrame crafting and weaving combo. This is a wall hanging project you can use as window valance or headboard.

12. DIY Beaded Macrame Wall Art

If you love colorful and fancy trinkets, take on this beaded macrame wall art. Add beads to your macrame wall decor to give this simple macrame design a lovely contrast to your bare wall.

13. Macrame Wall Hanging Dreamcatcher with Feathers Tutorial

We can’t enough of macrame dreamcatchers, but now we are making one with feather fringes. This is also a dreamcatcher without the usual round frame pattern.

It will fit right at home in a boho-designed room indeed.

14. DIY Macrame Wall Hanging with Shelf

Besides repurposing, DIY junkies love to make multipurpose projects. This decorative and functional home decor idea is something we all love to jump right into.

Other than your potted plants, you can place any ornaments you like to personalize your craft project further.

15. Dip-Dye Macrame

| White is always classic, but it wouldn’t hurt to dye the tips of your macrame wall hanging for chic design.

I think this is what will make your own macrame wall hanging designs unique. Don’t be afraid to add your personal touch.

16. Wavy Macrame Wall Hanging

Move on to a more challenging macrame wall art project with this intricate wave macrame pattern. Don’t worry, this tutorial is super fun and it will guide you every step of the way to let you make the perfect wavy macrame pattern.

17. Wedding Macrame Wall Hangings View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Destination Wedding Planner (@thecreativesloft) on Nov 7, 2016 at 5:39am PST

Have as many keepsakes from your wedding including your backdrop. With this lovely DIY silk floral macrame backdrop, you can ditch the flowers after and hang it up a wall for a sentimental decor from your wedding.

Or perhaps you can make one now for your future wedding.

Watch this macrame video tutorial from Bochiknot Macrame and learn 50 macrame knots to boost your macrame designs and patterns:

Who needs expensive home decor and ornaments when you can make your own at a fraction of the price? With these handmade macrame wall hanging decors, you got a bargain indeed.

What’s even best is you get to personalize your home decoration. Now, it’s your home your friends will be green-eyed with!

Which one/s of these DIY macrame wall hangings are you eyeing on for your next DIY project? Share your picks and your thoughts about them in the comments section below. Happy knotting!

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17 DIY Macrame Wall Hanging Ideas

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