41 Privacy Fence Design Ideas

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Fences are able to make or break your curb appeal. They’re not merely for securing an area and marking boundaries; fence walls are commonly used today as the edging to block your yard, the highlight to the landscape design, or perhaps as the focal point of your frontage. Picking out the best one amongst a huge selection of fence ideas and styles is essential. A great fence complements the homeowner’s design, as well as its surroundings, and offers a solution to privacy needs. Check out our 41 privacy fence design ideas and be inspired!

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TRENDY PATIOPrivacy-Fence-Design-Ideas-Sebring-Design-BuildScot Eckley, Inc.

Plank wood fence with gorgeous ironwork on the gate.

SPIGOTPrivacy-Fence-Design-Ideas-Sebring-Design-BuildScot Eckley, Inc.

Stone and cement fencing with a water feature outside.

OUTDOOR SHOWERHill Construction Company

Have some privacy with your outdoor patio shower with black wood.

MERANTIPrivacy-Fence-Design-Ideas-Sebring-Design-BuildGiulietti Schouten Architects

Smooth and clean details for the fence with Meranti wood.

LIVELYPrivacy-Fence-Design-Ideas-Sebring-Design-BuildBrooklinteriors LLC

Enjoy spending time outdoors with private fence and outdoor lights.

TRADITIONALPrivacy-Fence-Design-Ideas-Sebring-Design-BuildVIKING FENCE CO

Have trees in your backyard? You don’t need to cut them. Look at this.

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TRANSITIONALPrivacy-Fence-Design-Ideas-Sebring-Design-BuildKorbich Architects LLC

Enjoy dining al fresco with this transitional deck with a wood fence.

WOOD PANELSPrivacy-Fence-Design-Ideas-Sebring-Design-BuildFresh Start Contracting Company

Chill and relax while having a few drinks with friends and family.

STEEL GRIDPrivacy-Fence-Design-Ideas-Sebring-Design-BuildTERRABELLA, inc.

The mesh with a steel grid gives this outdoor space a lot of character.

DEER FENCERock Spring Design Group LLC (David Verespy, ASLA)

Lovely vegetable garden with deer fencing for protection.

Why You Need A Privacy Fence

To turn a garden or even patio in your personal haven starts with creating the proper area from the walls in. Whether you want to deal with nosy neighbors or maybe an escape artist pup, a fence will keep animals in and snoops out—while not sacrificing on style. Stone, vinyl, wire, or wood—these choices offer safety measures, privacy, and lovely appearance in your backyard, which means you are able to concentrate on all of the backyard fun you planned this summer and spring. Next on your agenda must be soaking up all of the sunshine.

Privacy fences have numerous functions. Architecturally, they’re used as a decoration and also to boost a home’s exterior ‘face,’ and might do a great job of masking the unsightly exterior of your neighbor’s house. They’re able to help define your space, plus they will help break it up with the addition of powerful visual components—you will find a lot of diverse privacy fence ideas available. They beautify your outdoor spaces, as it is usually visually pleasing to view vine-covered trellises or maybe the assembled parallel lines associated with a horizontal fence. 

Though their primary task, by definition, is adding privacy. Technically, a privacy fencing is extremely like a typical one, but it is ordinarily viewed as being relatively more lightweight, and it is usually a minimum of four to six foot high. When selecting the best privacy fencing for you, you will wish to look at things like longevity, durability, ease of maintenance, in addition to your general design, as well as your budget.

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SCREEN TRELLISPrivacy-Fence-Design-Ideas-Sebring-Design-BuildJeffrey Erb

Bring life to your patio by having planting beds & green screen trellis.

STACKED STONEPrivacy-Fence-Design-Ideas-Sebring-Design-BuildJeri Koegel Photography

A custom aboveground pool and set of chairs for a fun outdoor living.

SCULPTURALPrivacy-Fence-Design-Ideas-Sebring-Design-BuildCompany Name

Award-winning sculptural fence made of Corten steel.

METAL POSTPrivacy-Fence-Design-Ideas-Sebring-Design-BuildVIKING FENCE CO

Make your wood fence sturdy with metal posts and horizontal boards.

Things To Consider When Planning Out A Privacy Fence

There are plenty of fence types that it can be difficult to discover exactly where to start. When choosing the ideal solution, think about some fundamental questions first, such as: How tall would you want your fence to be? Would you need complete privacy or would you want it to become a little see-through? Must it be vertical or horizontal? What privacy fencing materials are appropriate—timber, reclaimed materials, vinyl, metal, bamboo, or stone? Will the materials be natural, painted, or stained? What colors are going to be best? Will be there any things that come with the surface to take into account, like sloping land? How much is your budget? Even though some tasks are naturally going to be more expensive than others, consider just how much a better quality fence will, in fact, add value to the house, which makes it a fantastic investment decision. Lastly, could you truly DIY, and would it be better in case you have a hand out of a fencing specialist?

With that being said, let’s start with simple privacy ideas that don’t need much planning and woodwork. These ideas mostly use plants as a shield. Among the simplest methods of building a cheap privacy fence is using screening plant life to develop a living wall. Whether you choose a row of planters with ornamental grasses, a mobile vine wall, or maybe a lovely hedgerow, plants are an attractive and very simple natural barrier. Several of the most favored plants for privacy screening normally include horsetail grass grown in planters, and that helps make an excellent architectural statement of the back garden, growing between 60cm to 120cm tall. Ivy, also, is an excellent natural privacy screen. You are able to also enhance your fence with artificial plants like faux ivy leaves that are maintenance-free and work efficiently.

Consider a floral wall or perhaps a fruit tree wall. You may also contemplate setting up a floral wall or even growing an edible wall of fruit trees in planters. A good option for pleaching and color is a bougainvillea tree that has an eye-catching and vibrant pink flower. Just be careful with the thorns! Bamboo screening is also among the simplest DIY solutions for privacy. You are able to purchase a roll of bamboo reed fence and connect it to your existing railing or fence, or maybe buy pre-formed metal fence frames along with bamboo privacy fence panels to create yourself. You might additionally easily install bamboo poles for a simple, cheap solution.

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FARMHOUSEPrivacy-Fence-Design-Ideas-Sebring-Design-BuildDakota Unlimited

6-feet shadowbox grid top style fence lends a farmhouse feel.

PRESTIGEPrivacy-Fence-Design-Ideas-Sebring-Design-BuildDeForest Architects

Sleek and sophisticated fence for this courtyard house in Seattle.

LATTICEPrivacy-Fence-Design-Ideas-Sebring-Design-BuildLaMond Design

Lovely lattice fence with climbing hydrangea & Japanese Forest Grass.

FROSTED GLASSPrivacy-Fence-Design-Ideas-Sebring-Design-BuildTim Cuppett Architects

Tempered and frosted glass fence make this outdoor space really stunning.

CUSTOMPrivacy-Fence-Design-Ideas-Sebring-Design-BuildNew Eco Landscapes

This contemporary deck features an outdoor kitchen and entertainment area.

GALVANIZED SHEETdebora carl landscape design

A fence made with galvanized sheet. The plant is reed plant called Chondropetalum.

Ideas For Timber Privacy Fences 

Consider the complete range of potential fence materials. Rather than restricting your ideas to timber slats, you will discover numerous more fencing choices in other various materials like recycled plastics, steel, aluminum, vinyl, concrete, and wrought metal. The newest composite materials are generally an excellent answer, offering longevity and low-maintenance. You might also like to contemplate masonry work. It might not be the least expensive solution, but consider if a stonemason may build a gorgeous stone structure for you. Modern-day gabion walls are an alternative too—a sturdy fence design which is in existence since medieval times. Other choices normally include pre-formed etched metal privacy screens, which are available in a selection of designs and patterns, and in solid wood instead of planks, for instance, white birch trunks seem to be impressive. Lastly, think about frosted glass panels that offer privacy but naturally allow the light through.

Next, designs. You’ve got herringbone backsplash tiles and herringbone timber floors, and we don’t see any reason why you can’t have a herringbone privacy wall! You may feel this is a simple DIY idea, but those accurate angle cuts might need a helping hand in case you are not really a pro. Wide horizontal natural planks are a great option too. This is a significantly easier DIY project in case you would like to do this fence idea. All that you have to do is go for a drive to your local hardware store and subsequently put aside a weekend to accomplish it. You can also have a shot with vertical timber paneling. Possibly the most “on trend” type of fencing at the moment is vertical timber paneling which could often have a gap in between or even be stacked together. It looks truly great when a stain is applied or even using a number of shades of timber to make a far more dramatic effect. Horizontal pine slats can also be a great option. Give your patio an intimate feeling with a few horizontal screening which utilizes pieces of leftover pine from some other jobs.

Weaved fence, on the other hand, is something challenging but very worth it! More and more homeowners are constructing privacy fences featuring much more unusual designs compared to regular planks. Lattice privacy screens are extremely inexpensive from gardening and construction supply shops, and also you are able to easily spruce it up with a layer of paint. The great thing about a lattice is it provides privacy but lets in a lot of light. Fill up your lattice with beautiful greenery, like jasmine. You may additionally look at fast-growing vines, such as trumpet vine, but remember their busy growth means more maintenance is going to be required.

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CRAFTSMANPrivacy-Fence-Design-Ideas-Sebring-Design-BuildVIKING FENCE CO

Large craftsman stone backyard with custom-shaped pool and wood fence.

TREATED LUMBERPrivacy-Fence-Design-Ideas-Sebring-Design-BuildFordellis, LLC

Steel planter & horizontal fence for this modern landscape in Austin.

TRANQUILPrivacy-Fence-Design-Ideas-Sebring-Design-BuildCreative Design Construction, Inc.

An outdoor retreat with pool, complex stone waterfall, and solid fencing.

RED CEDARPrivacy-Fence-Design-Ideas-Sebring-Design-BuildVIKING FENCE CO

Dark Walnut color treatment for the wood from Ready Seal Stain.

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CORRUGATED STEELPrivacy-Fence-Design-Ideas-Sebring-Design-BuildAlexander Von Ahsen

Modern fencing used corrugated steel sheets from Lowes.

SANCTUARYPrivacy-Fence-Design-Ideas-Sebring-Design-Buildbiota – Landscape Design + Build

Dark wood fence for this private sanctuary in Minneapolis.

MULTIPURPOSEPrivacy-Fence-Design-Ideas-Sebring-Design-BuildCampbell & Ferrara

Contemporary patio with privacy wood fence, hot tub, & outdoor kitchen.

RETREATPrivacy-Fence-Design-Ideas-Sebring-Design-BuildRoca Homes

Enjoy private time outdoor with this amazing trendy patio.

HORIZONTAL SLATPrivacy-Fence-Design-Ideas-Sebring-Design-BuildEco Minded Solutions

Privacy screening is accomplished through horizontal slatted fencing.

WOODENPrivacy-Fence-Design-Ideas-Sebring-Design-BuildDakota Unlimited

Custom fence design and installation by Dakota Unlimited.

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SHORT SCALLOPPrivacy-Fence-Design-Ideas-Sebring-Design-BuildDakota Unlimited

Short scallop fence for this traditional landscape in Minneapolis.

PICKET FENCEPrivacy-Fence-Design-Ideas-Sebring-Design-BuildDakota Unlimited

The traditional picket fence makes this outstanding backyard.

CUSTOM CEDARPrivacy-Fence-Design-Ideas-Sebring-Design-BuildDakota Unlimited

Custom cedar backyard for this large craftsman backyard.

VERTICAL CEDARPrivacy-Fence-Design-Ideas-Sebring-Design-BuildOutside InStyle

This contemporary patio is given privacy by tall vertical fencing.


The planters and ipe fencing give this rooftop lounge a zen vibe.

URBAN RETREATPrivacy-Fence-Design-Ideas-Sebring-Design-BuildComposite Inc.

Enjoy an urban retreat with this refreshing outdoor space.

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TINY & AIRYPrivacy-Fence-Design-Ideas-Sebring-Design-BuildKate Bowers Landscape & Garden Design

The horizontal fencing helps lengthen the look of the area.

IPE FENCEPrivacy-Fence-Design-Ideas-Sebring-Design-BuildAmber Freda Garden Design

Custom horizontal planter boxes and fencing made of ipe.

NATURAL RUSTPrivacy-Fence-Design-Ideas-Sebring-Design-BuildD-CRAIN Design and Construction

The metal fence is made of a construction grade stock plate.


Traditional white vinyl fence for this traditional landscape.

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How To Build A Privacy Fence

With the number of fence styles you can pick from, you need to consider numerous factors. Bear in mind your own personal level of skill and also tools that are available. Also, a simple wood privacy fence could be beautiful and functional, but more complex tasks, which include complex angular cuts or even recycled architectural elements, are possible in case you have the know-how and also the correct tools. You should additionally consider your neighborhood and climate.

In certain states, a wooden fence might deteriorate quickly, and a metal fence or maybe block wall might be a more sensible choice. Some county building codes or even home owner’s associations might also determine what type of fence you are able to build. Lastly, your project choice might count on how tall your fence needs to be and the budget for materials. In case your finances are tight, items that are free like pallets can be recycled into a stylish wooden fence. A really basic and extremely affordable choice, the pallet fence is an easy and quick project. You will only need a few hours to set it up.

The construction is really simple: pallets are put in place one by one, with T-posts placed in the area in between the pallet boards and pushed into the soil to maintain the fence upright and stable. As pallets are included, they’re anchored together with screws. The finished product is a good and strong looking fence that does not look hobbled together as various other pallet fence builds. Slap a layer of paint on there, making it appear much nicer. Or even think about growing plants or herbs for an outstanding vertical garden idea.

This is an image roundup post, curated to showcase and promote other reputable contracting companies’ and their amazing work.  To have any of the images removed, please reach out to us and we would be happy to do so.

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Featured Image: Scot Eckley, Inc.

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41 Privacy Fence Design Ideas

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