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5 Tips to selling your used car

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Are you looking to sell your car? There are an assortment of avenues you could follow to accomplish this goal. You needn’t be a seasoned salesperson to sell your vehicle. However, it’s crucial to learn your way around the ropes before making the actual sale.

Thanks to an array of car-selling platforms that currently exist, you can easily sell used car these days.


Here are 5 insightful tips to selling your used car



Spruce it up



Before putting your car up for sale, it’s important to clean it first. After all, nobody desires to purchase a greasy, dirty-looking car. If you wish to fetch good money for your vehicle, ensure that it’s in tiptop condition first.

Drive it to a good car wash and have it thoroughly cleaned – both the interior and exterior should look spick-and-span. If a mechanical issue exists, drive to any decent garage and get it fixed by an expert mechanic.

This way, you’ll be better placed to negotiate for competitive deals.



Establish the car’s worth



There are a few car classifieds websites that can help you figure out the worth of your particular car, including Craigslist. Before selling off your car, look at such sites to determine the recommended selling price of your used car.

One effective method you can implement involves listing down a few owners of car models that are similar to yours and giving them a call. Inquire the condition of their cars and the price at which they sold them.

Also ask whether the vehicle has experienced any accidents – ask as many questions as possible for clarification purposes. This will allow you to gauge your car’s worth.



Compare deals from different buyers



Don’t agree to the first deal presented to you – find out what other buyers have to offer. If you’ve already done ample research and discovered the worth of your car, you won’t be too desperate to say yes to a low-ball offer. State the car’s asking price and negotiate from that yardstick.

Some buyers will give you an unreasonable offer and fail to budge. Don’t tell them off. Rather, learn a few sales tricks that could prompt them to buying the car at a competitive price. Stick to your asking price and only accept an offer that makes perfect sense.



Fulfil all required paperwork



There are several crucial documents you need to prepare before selling off your used vehicle. These include the bill of sale and the title. When the sale is finalized and you get the cash, sign over the title to the car’s new owner.

Every state in the U.S has a department of motor vehicles (DMV) that stores all vehicle information. Simply check with the respective DMV to ensure you’ve complied with every regulation governing motor vehicle sales.



Negotiate on the price



All good salespeople have one thing in common: they negotiate easily and effortlessly. When a potential buyer test drives your car and gets excited about its performance, expect him/her to make some sort of offer.

Buyers will often state how much they like the vehicle, then bring up an issue they’re “displeased with” in an attempt to bring down the price. When this happens to you, remain as professional as possible. Inquire what their best price it.

Put it something like this: what price did you have in mind? Would you be willing to purchase it for $5,000?

These tips will help you sell your used car at a delightfully competitive price.

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5 Tips to selling your used car

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