6 Mandela Effect Examples – Check It Out

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If you asked someone to quote any line from the Star Wars series, what do you think you would get? More than likely the response would be, “LUKE, I am your father.” It is one of the most iconic movie lines in history.

But here is an earth-shattering fact; that line was never uttered in any of the movies. The quote is actually, “No, I am your father.” Millions of people believe that the line begins with Luke. How can millions of people remember something one way, and it actually be another… the Mandala Effect.

There is a whole bunch of quotes, symbols, titles and historical events like these which have prompted the same bizarre response.

In 2010, a woman named Fiona Broome claimed she remembered the news coverage of Nelson Mandela’s death in a South African prison during the 1980’s. When she shared this thought with a group of people, many of them said they remembered this even taking place, or remembered learning about it in school.

Only that supposedly never happened, Mandala was alive at the time and he died in 2013.

According to the theory, such memories are accounted for by something such as time travel (or, to blame scientists, a quantum ripple created by CERN’s Large Hedron Collider) changing history and creating sci-fi-style alternative realities. Moreover, that some of us have moved between those realities, hence remembering things that have been written out of our current timeline.

Here are a few of the most recognizable examples of the Mandela Effect, and let me be the first to warn you, your mind will be blown!

The Berenstein Bears

As a child I always loved the Berenstein Bears, I read all the books and watched all the movies and television shows. I mean everyone loved the Berenstein Bears as a kid, right?

However, apparently, the beloved book and tv series have always been spelled as B-e-r-e-n-s-t-a-i-n. Do you remember it being spelled that way?

Sex In The City

Being a female, I do often indulge in sexy or romantic television shows or movies. Sex In The City was one of my favorites, and every single time I have ever referred to this show I have always said: “Sex in the City.” Apparently, the title of the show is “Sex and the City.”

Mirror, Mirror on the wall

Go ahead ask someone to repeat this famous quote, and they will most likely begin by saying “Mirror, Mirror…” However, the Evil Queen actually says “Magic Mirror on the wall…”

Mama always said, ‘Life is like a box of chocolates’

Many people often remember this to be the famous Forrest Gump quote. However, Forrest actually says “Mamma always said, ‘Life was like a box of chocolates.” It is a very subtle difference, but it kind of makes you think back to the movie and if you really did hear it that way. When I discovered this one I was watching a YouTube video in which Tom Hanks was acting out all of his movies in under 6 minutes. In the video, he says very clearly “life is like a box of chocolates.”

I remember it being said that way when I was a child watching the movie, but if you look it up it is was. How do you remember it?

The Gremlins

I am a big 80’s movie person, and I have watched Gremlins quite a few times. In the movie there is a Gremlin that has a mow-hawk, what do you remember to be his name? I remember it as Spike, but if you look it up you will find that his name is actually Stripe.

The Monopoly Man

The Monopoly board game created by Hasbro enjoyed enormous fame all over the globe. One of its iconic symbols is the mustached “Monopoly Man” in a nice black and white ensemble and top hat. Many people remember the “Monopoly Man” as wearing a monocle, however, Rich Uncle Pennybags does not wear a monocle. What do you remember?

For a more in-depth view I highly suggest you read the article here, the article also goes into the repercussions, and things like the “Time speeding up” phenomenon, which I think we can all resonate with.

How do you remember the above?

While there are many people who believe that the Mandala Effect is the definite cause for these misremembrances, many people believe there is a logical explanation for this.

In 1978, a famous psychologist named Elizabeth Loftus conducted “The Misinformation Effect”, a study which found one’s recollection of memories can be distorted by subsequent information.

Loftus said: “The misinformation effect refers to the impairment in memory for the past that arises after exposure to misleading information.”

In other words, if someone says or implies that something looks a certain way, there’s a natural tendency to believe them if you’ve never paid close attention to it.

In some cases, the misleading information can actually overwrite one’s original memory, if it’s presented in a way that makes it seem more plausible.

Well, that or Broome is correct, and we’re all part of a complex colliding time travel loop. To be honest, you never can tell…



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6 Mandela Effect Examples – Check It Out

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