Asus File Manager

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Asus File Manager

Introduction to Asus file manager

The file manager application is like the heart of a smartphone. All the operating systems got a file manager to filter the required files. Similarly, every smartphone has a file manager to view, edit, and create any text files, delete, sort or rename, copy, cut whenever it is required. There are multiple file manager applications in the play store which creates chaos to choose the best one. Here, the importance of the Asus file manager application is elaborated in this article.

Importance of Asus file manager

File management is used to administer your mobile phones which manages all the digital information that enhances the entire functionalities of the smartphones. Because of its efficient file management system, it provides quick retrieval of information. The in-built Asus file manager applications support you to customize the dashboard that helps to create, share, edit, organize the folders. It describes the entire route map that is used to manage all the pro features, files located between local memory, cloud services, microSD memory card.

It enables the admin to make permissions, set limits, and restriction for a specific folder or files. It also enables granting at different stages to access the files and allocating responsibilities for mentioned users which improve efficiency and security in the applications. If the file is prone to any problem, it is easy to locate the admin of the file who should take the necessary steps to restore it.

Asus file manager holds all the responsibility for deletion and modification of documents managing the access, resources, security. It can be performed effectively by integrating it with the device manager. It keeps on tracking the file even though it is closed accidentally, the opened folder or file should be saved automatically. So the Asus file manager plays a predominant role in securing the file which holds the file name, the saved location, and all other mandatory information related to the files.

The policies of the Asus file manager are reliable to efficiently use the available storage. It has a predefined set of rules, that makes the file manager decide, how and where the files should be saved. It also navigates the user to the concerned file by showing recently opened applications or by his search history. It provides flexibility to access the information by enabling the user to exchange the files in open directories. The operating system holds the responsibilities along with the Asus file manager in protecting the files to avoid tampering.

It assigns every file by enabling the particular secondary usage of the device and buffering the file into the main storage by refreshing the record of file and the concerned user who can use the file. The reassigning of the file can also be made easily by using the Asus file manager by analyzing its availability of the user and files. It can move the file by overwriting the updated document in the secondary storage area by interacting with the remaining process to check the available space. It requires only linking the account to manage it instantly with the interface of the application. It can also easily decompress and compress the RAR and ZIP formatted files. It is more supportive of the smartphone and provides extensive support to the user. It perfectly works on all the Android applications not only limited to Asus mobile phones.

Explain the Asus File Manager

The file manager application is found default under the Asus folder in the home screen of ZenFone. The initial thing displayed when tapped on files, it is category and location, let it be either micro SD, local memory, or memory card. Clicking on these will navigate the user to view and manage the files. A magnificent class is displayed in the right top corner which enables the user to search his files. The user can type or use the microphone to speak and enter his search request in the command box and its further process to display the searched files.

The categories show an entire list of files or related to the file in a thumbnail format. The three-lined icon available in the right top can closure the search between the detailed list and grid icons. Near to the top of the screen which opens the options menu to make changes in sorting the files. The file address is possible to click it on the parent folder to navigate the user to the concerned location and the home menu takes the user to begin his process from scratch.

Clicking on the particular file will make it open if in case of photos it can be displayed directly in the file manager, and videos also can be played from here instead of opening it through the gallery. The share options make the user transfer the files through the communicating applications by attaching or uploading it. If it is long taped on file, it shows the multi-select view. The extra files can be clicked for bulk functions such as moving, copying, deleting by tapping on the menu available in the top right.

The fun section in Asus file manager is if any cloud services are plugged it makes the files synced up with Dropbox and can also be viewable from a similar interface. The three lines available in the top left list out the existing cloud services. It may be mandatory to install the associated application from the play store after the sign-in process. Before this step, ensure the internet connection is available. It can also make the user convenient to handle higher dimensional files to make it permanently available on Zenfone. It also supports the transfer of files easily to personal computers.


Hence Asus file manager is a significant tool that can manage all the essential functions of the Android even though, they are saved in SD card, cloud, or internal memory. The important feature that needs to be remarked is its attractive dashboards and intuitive interfaces. It is well-suited to Dropbox, One Drive, and Google Drive

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Asus File Manager

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