Basic Gardening Tools For Beginners {Set of Essentials}

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Gardening has become increasingly popular among people both as a hobby and as a profession. While having your own garden is certainly a very fun experience, maintaining it takes a lot more effort and having certain basic gardening tools could make the whole experience a lot easier.

Whether you want to buy a set of tools for your own garden or gift a set for a close friend, this comprehensive guide will provide the information about all the tools you will need to keep your garden in shape or make an excellent gift set for someone interested in gardening.

Best Basic Gardening Tools Set for DIY’s

By the way, you might have already get through our article on essential DIY tools for home improvement. Now, here is a compilation of essential gardening tools. Let’s get to know.

1. Shovel

A very basic but an essential tool for gardening. A shovel is perfect for digging holes in your garden and also carrying the displaced mud away.

Shovel - Gardening Tool

This is also especially useful if you don’t want to dump all the soil/manure at the same time. It could also come in handy when you’re mixing large amounts of manure or soil. Stirring with a shovel is a lot easier and effective than doing it with hand.

Shovels are also available in different sizes and types. Heavier shovels have greater capacity and last longer but you can just as easily find a good quality shovel that is light weight.
The most important thing to look for in a shovel is the quality of its grip and how comfortable it is to hold.

2. Wheel Barrow

This is another very popular tool that is not as essential as a shovel but can come in incredibly handy especially for larger gardens. A wheel barrow lets you quickly move large amounts of soil or even equipment from one place to another.

wheel barrow

If you’re going to mostly be moving tools, a cart like design might fit your needs better. But otherwise, the size and quality of the wheels are the most important things you should pay attention to.

It is obviously very important to get an appropriately sized barrow but the wheels determine how smooth it is going to be to use.

3. Garden knife

This is a knife that is curved on its vertical axis and has sharp edge on one side and a serrated edge on the other. It can be used to dig holes accurately as it has a scale marked on it.

It can also be used to cut out unwanted roots or plants. The curved blade makes it much easier and faster to dig out soil and move it out of the way.

4. Spade

Spades are in many regards similar to shovels with one difference being in the way they are shaped. Spades are shaped as a square which gives them the ability to dig with a lot more precision and power.

Gardening Spade

If you’re working with tight spaces, either due to a wall or to not disturb a nearby plant, then a spade will come in very handy.

While you can certainly accomplish the same task with a shovel, this makes it take a lot less effort and consumes less of your time.

Since it is similar to a shovel, you have to pay attention to the same features we mentioned before for the shovel when buying.

5. Looper

A Looper is very similar to a shears except that it operates on a bigger scale. While a shears can be used to cut through small weeds and plants, a Looper can be used to cut through much thicker branches that range up to 2 inches in diameter.

Loopers are more expensive but if you are going to work with larger branches and stems, then it is definitely worth getting as it also makes cutting the smaller branches much easier than a shears.

6. Pruning saw

Just like a Looper is a step up from pruning shears, the pruning saw is a step up from Loopers. This does not use any scissor mechanism and instead uses a very strong blade to cut through thick branches.

Pruning saw

A pruning saw is effective with branches up to 8 inches which is quite a lot of headroom for most gardens. Your gardening tools kit will be incomplete without a saw tool.

7. Dibber

This is a special tool to dig holes for seeds. While you can do the same with any knife or even your hand, having this will make the work a lot more accurate while also being significantly faster. It has a cylindrical shape with markings on it to indicate depth.

Sand Dibber

This is very useful if you have a big garden and plan on doing multiple plantations in a single stretch. It almost cuts down the work by half as well as the time taken to do it.

Conclusion on Basic Gardening Tools Set

The quality of a garden depends a lot more on one’s passion than the tools used to maintain it. But that doesn’t mean gardening tools are completely useless.

They can make an otherwise tiring task, actually enjoyable and anyone who has an interest in gardening will certainly appreciate these tools.

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Basic Gardening Tools For Beginners {Set of Essentials}

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