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Blind Nut Milk Taste Test

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Got nut milk? Let’s talk about that. Good Mythical Morning. A wise man once said, you can milk anything with nipples. Last time I checked, nuts don’t have nips, but that’s not gonna stop us today. A lot of people go nuts for nuts, especially health nuts, because it’s all the rage, ’cause it’s a healthy thing is what I understand. It’s nondairy. But can we identify what nut the milk has come from just by taste alone? It’s time for I like Milked Nuts and I Cannot Lie.

We are going to be tasting nut milks from the patent pending nudder, that’s nut udder. And again, we have no idea what we’re gonna be tasting, we’re just based on the nut taste alone trying to guess what nut was milked to make this. And we’re gonna be using the patent pending nut buster to pierce the udder and receive our milk. In the end, the winner gets crowned, or labeled, Nut Milk Brian, and because I’m already Diet Brian and Juice Brian, I think the odds are in my favor. The Brian gods are shining on you. Round one. The first nut bladder is attached, and we’re going to pierce it, and then, Suckle it. Sample it. Mine’s ready to go. Had to figure out the physics of it. Once I did, boy that’s tasty. It is really good. It’s really good, it’s very mild. It’s so mild. Now, I mean I drink a lot of almond butter, almond milk. Very thin almond butter. I eat a lot of almond butter, too. I’ve had some cashew milk, that’s about it. Yeah, me too. I haven’t gone beyond that.

I’m not very much, I’m not a nut milk connoisseur. I can’t say that this doesn’t taste like either one of those, but there’s a distinct difference between those two. I’m a cashew milk man, that’s what I put in my smoothies, and I put into my cereals. We also have almond milk, coconut milk, but I’m a cashew man. I feel like I’m personally getting a cashew vibe. But that may just be a diversion. Okay, you ready? Three, two, one. Cashew. Uh, brazil nut.  That was cashew milk. Oh that was cashew? Yeah, yeah. It tasted very familiar.  Round two. Okay, we got another nut mlik here, let’s Whoa. I got a springy. Whoa, oh, I went, mine went up. I don’t know, there we go. Let me get in here. What, it’s coming out two different places. Wow, it’s so That is a sweet, sweet milk. It’s a sweet, sweet milk. That is a sweet, sweet milk. It’s got an oatyness to it.

What nut is that? Is oats a nut? Hold on. Do oats come from a nut? It tastes like a nut that I’ve had before. In Sweden, I had oat milk. Well, oat’s not a nut, man. I just remembered that. I know, but that was very good. That wasn’t Sweden, by the way, we were in Amsterdam. Oh yeah. Which is in Holland. Really? Yeah, yeah. I’d like to go to Sweden now that I know I haven’t been. It is sweet. [Stevie] I’m gonna need an answer. You ready? Yeah. Three, two, one. Walnut. Uh, pecan. [Stevie] This is a hazelnut. Hazel. Oh, it’s so obvious now. Not really. Round three. What do you know, more nut milk here for us. Oh! Uh. This is not a nut milk, this is not a normal nut milk. Let me get on your teat, ’cause your teat was really flowing. Let it go. And if you get too much at once, you can’t taste it. Like it went all down my shirt. And now it’s going down my pants. What is that nut? It’s the worst tasting so far.

It’s a nut milk that shouldn’t be a nut milk. It’s got like, it’s very earthy. I have an answer. Okay. [Stevie] Okay, three, two, one. Pecan. Peanut. This is pistachio milk, and it’s made inhouse. Pistachio milk made inhouse, ’cause no one else, ’cause other people tried it, and they’re like, we can’t sell this.  Round four.

Okay, let’s prick anudder udder. Hmmm, that one’s good, too. That is so Got it. I think I got this one. Okay, I think, I feel as if I know this one, as well.  Okay, three, two, one. Pecan. Walnut. I’m sorry, what I said walnut. Pecan, pecan. It is walnut. Yep, there’s a very specific bitterness to the walnut. That is good tasting, though. That is really good, did you guys make this one? No. Oh, I could tell.  Round five. Well there’s no way I can win Rhett, so I crown you Nut Milk Brian. You’re now a Brian, hey, welcome to the club! I’ll play this last round as Nut Milk Brian. Whoa! Oh I got a double, I got a double puncher. I don’t know which side to go. That’s not bad.

That is so specific. Yeah, it’s unlike any nut milk I’ve ever tasted There’s still a slight sweetness in this one, which makes me think that it can be storebought Now that we know that walnut milk, and what was the other one that’s storebought? Hazelnut. Hazelnut can be storebought, I didn’t know that. I think this one also is storebought. Now, I’ve had every sort of nut milk. Of course, being Nut Milk Brian.

But sometimes, but sometimes, I don’t mind when nut milk gets on my pants, it’s pretty much an everyday part of being Nut Milk Brian. Just comes with the territory, in fact, let me drink from your teat. There you go. I almost just pierced my lip with my own nut buster. You don’t wanna do that. Wouldn’t be the first time. It’s not, it doesn’t have a specific taste. There’s not anything that’s jumping out at me, it’s just like, it’s good. It’s very good. It’s so good. What is that nut? [Stevie] Okay, three, two, one. Brazil nut. Sunflower seeds. Which are technically nuts. It’s macadamia nut. Maca, oh, it’s so clearly. Macadamia, so good, so expensive. Reminds me of my trip to the island. I bet they charge a lot of money for that. Well, I’m happy to say that I am Nut Milk Brian, and will always be Nut Milk Brian. You got a lot on your beard. Oh yeah. Thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing.

You know what time it is. Hey, what’s up, I’m Christian Hudson, I’m from South Carolina, and this is a peanut. It’s time to spin The Wheel of Mythicality. We’ve got lots of different cups and mugs and whatnot to put your nut milks into. We’ve got Ear Biscuits, GMM, Boiled for Safety, all available at Mythical.Store. Mmhmm, and click through to Good Mythical More, we are gonna make peanut milk in front of your eyes. Is it gonna work, is it gonna taste good? I don’t know, let’s find out. Gifticality, we’re donating $1,000 to Team Audrey Kaller for the 2017 Walk to End Epilepsy. So our friend Adam, and lawyer Adam, he’s a good friend and a lawyer is aiming to raise He’s both. $100,000 by Thanksgiving Day, this is a big goal. We really care about this cause, really care about the Kallers, and it’s also gonna be really fun if we reach the $100,000 goal, because he’s going to eat a shoe.

Adam is going to eat a shoe. I’d love to see that. Yeah, so you can join us in giving to help end epilepsy at, let’s do this. I’m not also eating a shoe. Thanks for clicking subscribe. [Rhett] Click on the left to watch our show after the show, Good Mythical More. [Link] Click the video on the right to watch another episode of Good Mythical Morning.

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Blind Nut Milk Taste Test

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