Cat Goes Viral For Its “Hungry Hippo” Eating Style (Tweets)

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Introducing “Pig Cat!”

Twitter user, @tramL116, has introduced us to what he calls, “Pig Cat.” A video of his cats, one of which eats like the world will end tomorrow. Taking giant bites of food, this cat is now being known as the cat version of the classic game, “Hungry Hungry Hippos.” 

Twitter users were quick to chime in and write what may be the cause of the cat’s behavior. And others simply shared more videos of cats eating like hungry hippos. 

Two things we know for certain: we love cats and we love eating. You do you, Pig Cat. But the owner should consider feeding the two separately so Pig Cat doesn’t feel the need to eat so much, so fast. 

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what in the world kind of pig cat eats like this

— Luke in Philadelphia (@tramL116) June 13, 2020 2. Text - Danny Hulse=A @DannyHulse3 the eplant Replying to @tramL116 and @brianbeutler If a cat has been feeding for itself outdoors before it finds ahome, this happens. When they finally get regular food their instincts are to gorge. It causes extreme weight gain. I feed mine in different spots for that very reason. they learn that no one is coming for their food. 3:32 AM · Jun 14, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone 618 Retweets 8.3K Likes 3. Text - Marilyn Bayless @BaylessMarilyn Replying to @DannyHulse3 @tramL116 and @brianbeutler I rescued a dog who was abandoned & nearly starved to death. He acted like this with his food. Heartbreaking. Give him his own bowl in a separate place. No competition ! 3:59 AM · Jun 14, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone 144 Retweets 4.2K Likes 4. Text - Toxicus Ingenium #BLM @ToxNox8694 Replying to @tramL116 and @EluvioXIV The black cat is like "ok Carl wtf" 5:03 AM · Jun 14, 2020 · Twitter for Android 115 Retweets 3.3K Likes 5. Untitled

Meanwhile, in the classier side of town…..😂

— Backudog (@backudog123) June 14, 2020 6. Text - Galaxy - Fay @costansinb Replying to @backudog123 and @tramL116 I am so confused but in awe... how 2:51 PM · Jun 14, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone 7 Retweets 521 Likes 27 ! Twilign ! @twilignArt · Jun 14 Replying to @costansinb @backudog123 and @tramL116 Human off camera moving the end of this fork which is lifting the cat's paw. The real question is why do they on such a long fork lol 8 27 5 421  7. Untitled

better than this one right here

— z&s (@npnnu) June 14, 2020 8. Text - Thottie Cash @Suckeratheart Replying to @npnnu and @tramL116 That cat must have lived amongst raccoons. Haha 10:16 AM · Jun 14, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone 52 Retweets 3.7K Likes Berek Juli =E @BerekJuli · Jun 14 Replying to @Suckeratheart @npnnu and @tramL116 I'm sure this cat could learn to use a spoon too. 2 27 3 335 NuwunSewu @KuloRifka · Jun 14 Or maybe soon, will learn how to use chopsticks too 1 142 9. Cat - Just Curt (sorry) @OhWellltsCurt Replying to @beelars and @tramL116 I missed this until just now. Truly majestic. 3:18 AM · Jun 14, 2020 · Flamingo for Android 83 Retweets 1.4K Likes Blair @beelars · Jun 14 Replying to @OhWelltsCurt and @tramL116 CRONCH t7 3 O 168 10. Untitled

But does he sing when he eats?

— AssCat (@theasscat) June 14, 2020 11. Text - Persistent Woman @PixMichelle Replying to @theasscat and @tramL116 I think he's growling because he feels threatened and insecure, afraid someone will take his food away. I have had several kitties who did this after I rescued them, because they were used to fighting for scraps. Once they felt safe and reassured, they stopped being aggressive. 5:23 PM · Jun 14, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone 10 Retweets 541 Likes 12. Text - Marilyn Bayless @BaylessMarilyn Replying to @tramL116 and @brianbeutler He's worried about getting his share of the food. Use 2 bowls & separate the cats to decrease the stress. 3:55 AM · Jun 14, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone 21 Retweets 1.1K Likes Eliza T. NA @lizalove91 · Jun 14 Replying to @BaylessMarilyn @tramL116 and @brianbeutler Yes! Also, control the serving size! That is WAY too much food he's gonna be so sick and gain a lot of weight. Poor baby. 7 27 4 639 13. Untitled

This ones worse

— Platinum depressed (@cum_god6969) June 14, 2020 14. Cat - Ben Fountain @BJFountain Replying to @tramL116 Me, pre-Covid, coming home from a night drinking & discovering we still have some Cinnamon Toast Crunch in the house 6:56 AM · Jun 14, 2020 · Twitter for Android 164 Retweets 2K Likes 15. Untitled


— Niko Modjo (@NikoModjo) June 14, 2020 16. Untitled

Mine! 😂

— Busty St. Claire (@BustyStClaire_) June 14, 2020 17. Construction equipment - LastrOnaut @lastrOnaut Replying to @tramL116 The only other cat that comes close CAT CAT 320F 5:27 AM · Jun 14, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone 77 Retweets 2.4K Likes 18. Text - Abby Govindan @abbygov Replying to @tramL116 I would die for the pig cat 7:58 AM · Jun 14, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone 6 Retweets 468 Likes Jordan Wyckoff Replying to @abbygov and @tramL116 seems fuzzy and sweet but also kinda rude @Sn0opyDog · Jun 14 2 73 Olivia @olixiagrxce · Jun 16 Just the way I like em   19. Text - Clementine Ordinary Circumstances @Trashy_In_Pink Replying to @tramL116 and @withoutaplain That cat grew up with siblings that's why 2:28 AM · Jun 14, 2020 · Twitter Web App 64 Retweets 2.1K Likes

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Cat Goes Viral For Its “Hungry Hippo” Eating Style (Tweets)

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