Cheers! 21 Home Bars to Inspire You

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Creating the ideal home bar might be the most fun DIY project, regardless of whether you own or rent. Not only do you get to add a space purely dedicated to having an enjoyable time with your friends and family, you also get to add some glamour and interest to your home’s aesthetic. Plus, you have so many options for home bars. Will you put in a freestanding bar, an island, a bar cart or something else entirely?

Before you start shopping for cool glassware at your local antique store or decanting bottles of your favorite liquor, check out the photos below. We’ve rounded up 21 of our favorite home bars for the 21-and-over crowd. Armed with this hearty dose of inspiration, you’ll be ready to create a home bar that will be the talk of all your friends.

21 home bars to spark your creativity
home bars

Add some seating and display your bottles and glassware for an instant home bar. Image: Vernich Interiors

home bars 2

When creating your home bar, don’t forget to include comfortable seating if you have the space. Image: Regan Baker Design

home bars 4

Let guests know that the fun starts right away by positioning your home bar near your front door. Image: Rockwell Interiors

home bars 3

A compact wet bar makes a perfect setting for your favorite home bar details. Image: D2 Interieurs

home bars 5

Your home bar doesn’t have to take up a lot of real estate. A simple – but beautifully designed – bar cart is enough to get the party started. Image: Kristin Laing Designs

home bars 6

Creative lighting will highlight your home bar – quite literally. Image: Steven Dailey

home bars 7

Start gathering interesting glassware to fill out your home bar. Open shelving lends itself to a stunning display. Image: Herlong Architects

home bars 8

An inset, backlit cabinet is all you need to transform any room into a glamorous bar. Image: Northworks Architects + Planners

home bars 9

Club chairs will make your home bar feel refined – and you’ll feel distinguished enjoying a cocktail in them. Image: CIRCLE Design Studio

home bars 10

Back your bar up to a window to give yourself easy access from the patio. Image: Sierra Pacific Windows

home bars 11

You can tuck your home bar behind doors so it’s at the ready when you entertain but doesn’t intrude in your daily life. Image: Sutro Architects

home bars 12

A floating, open-backed bar creates structure while maintaining an open feel. Image: 2id Interiors

home bars 13

Add cocktail-inspired art for a fun element in your bar area. Image: The Rinfret Group

home bars 14

Don’t be afraid to mix materials. The home bar is a place for fun – and you should have fun while designing it! Image: Patrick Schmitt

home bars 15

Home bars can find a place in even the most minimalist of homes. Image: Pedini PDX

home bars 16

… or in the most rustic. Image: M. Swabb

home bars 17

Any dead space in your home – like the awkward area under the stairs – is a prime place for your barware. Image: Timothy Godbold

home bars 18

Renters, rejoice! You don’t need to build in cabinets or shelves to create a home bar. Image: Design Milieu

home bars 19

Home bars are perfect places for an accent wall. Image: Plain and Posh

home bars 20

If you entertain families more than adults, make your home bar appropriate for all ages with fun details like candy jars and non-alcoholic drink options. Image: OSMOND DESIGNS

home bars 21

A home bar positioned just off the kitchen can make hosting a breeze even when you’re putting the finishing touches on the meal. Image: Fivedot Design/Build

Once you get your home bar set up, don’t forget to invite all of your friends over for its grand opening. Cheers!

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Cheers! 21 Home Bars to Inspire You

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