Cloud Security Tools

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Cloud Security Tools

Introduction to Cloud Security Tools

Cloud computing security refers to a broad set of technologies that control, utilize and protect the virtualized data applications, its unique IP, services, and integrated infrastructure of cloud computing. It is a sub-unit of computer security, network security and more into information security. Security issues are associated with cloud unit. Organizations use cloud technology for varied purposes and each model has unique features. The various service model of clouds is Software as a service, Infrastructure as a service, and Platform as a service which is deployed in any one of the private, public, hybrid and community cloud. The security issues fall into two broad categories, one issue is faced by cloud-providers and the other issues are faced by customers. In this article, we will discuss some of the important tools of cloud security in detail.

Top Cloud Security Tools

The size of the company is not a matter when it comes to security. Even the mobile phone has many passwords and pattern lock to protect the user data. Hackers are spread every place to snap the data whenever there is a poor firewall. So Security is the first one mandatory to be checked periodically. Here is a few security tools which are promising and pocket-friendly to be installed to your hardware and software systems.

1. Qualys

The Qualys tools installed to check any threat and secure your devices and web applications and web pages through cloud solutions. The organization analyses any malware attack and ensure nothing gets affected by the User’s data or system. If it finds any attack, it displays the required steps to solve the issues and again scan all the web pages and applications to get it clear and work efficiently. Qualys produces a cloud-only firewall to protect the web pages from any threat.

2. WhiteHat Security

WhiteHat security aims to protect the user websites from the root level which includes the coding process. This tool is available as a suite pack with embedded with five different applications. The first application is used to protect web pages and coding. The second application helps to identify the issues detected before the website launched during its pre-production time. Another app helps the user to check any major issues in the live environment. The fourth application allows the user to access the web pages even through holes when any patch is detected. The major one acts as a research arm and provides you alarm with updated information on the user security network.

3. Okta

Okta focuses on identity management about any person log in and what is the reason behind their login. It already has the databases of the employees who log in daily for basic health checks and performance checks, then it has the details of clients, cloud service providers, third-party customers. It knows about the people who are working at backends and forward-facing access to people. It helps the user to manage the applications includes Google applications, salesforce, workday, Microsoft office suite 365. It can also track data privacy agreements, sign-on buttons, and login dashboards.

4. Proofpoint

A Proofpoint is a tool that focuses only on Email which is automatically generated from the week hole across the systems which is an easy place for the hackers to enter. It prevents not only from the incoming data but also ensures every single unit of data which is outgoing. It helps in the prevention of data loss. It also works on encryption and decryption of data handling and data flow.

5. Zscaler

It is the product to the Direct cloud network which is applied for cost-efficient and easy deployment than ancient security methods. The company product Zscaler protects the systems from advanced threat attacks by monitoring and controlling the traffic that enters in and flows out of the user network which acts as a check post. It also secures and monitors the mobile phone with a special online mobile application dashboard.

6. CipherCloud

CipherCloud is an application that is used to secure all the other services and products such as Google applications, Amazon web services, Chatter, Office 365. It assures to protect the data by encryption, regularized traffic monitoring, and anti-viruses scan.

7. Doc Tracker

Doc Tracker is present at the top of the security layer which shares the files from Box and office 365. The user should apply a security layer on top of the files, if they forget to do so, anyone can read it, edit it and control it. Doc Tracker focuses to prevent the documents from this kind of scenario. It enables the user to know about the other person who is going to access the file which is shared. If he tries to handle apart from his limits, the user can retake the file by clicking on “ unsharing ”

8. Centrify

Centrify aims at identity management across several applications and devices. The main goal is to make users, employers, customers look-alike as a central area to be viewed and accessed through company policies. It gives an alarm when a person tries to sign in from on-premise cloud software or cloud applications. It is a special product which works for Samsung Knox which has added protection software feature. This product allows the only sign-on process.

9. Vaultive

Vaultive acts as a transparent network proxy that lies between cyberspace and network without any preface equipment. Before using the cloud-based servers do not expect the company to provide the complete security for user’s files and data, instead of practice to protect own data by encryption before it enters the servers. Vaultive encrypt every outgoing data from office 365 before they get into the networks and applications

10. Silver Sky

It needs to be a user one-stop-shop for cloud-based security. It provides email monitoring and network protection. It promotes the user to become a client of HIPAA and PCI agreement. This major client regulates the company policies and healthcare information and online payments of an enterprise by giving strong multi-layer security systems.


That is why security as a service must be deployed and used effectively across the network to prevent any data leakage, data loss and data snap from hackers.

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Cloud Security Tools

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