Cross Browser Testing Tools

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Cross Browser Testing Tools

Introduction to Cross Browser Testing Tools

We need cross-browser testing tools when reviewing our application with multiple browsers. These tools allow us to make sure our web application runs well across the various browsers. This method is applied if the web application is viewed from both the server and the client-side in many Web browsers. We can conduct compatibility tests for our application with the aid of these tools that different browsers. It is also not enough for a software check to be conducted in a single web browser; we also need cross-browser resources.

Top 5 Cross Browser Testing Tools

We have some Cross-browser testing tools

1. Sauce Labs

This is an application testing platform that provides us with the ability to conduct our cloud tests, various browsers, devices, and functional systems. Sauce Labs is a research platform on a cloud basis, so we don’t have to set up a virtual machine. This tool enables us to test our application behind customer firewalls, as it offers a secure testing protocol. It is the first platform that automates and supports the Firebug plug-in for the Firefox browser in a Microsoft Edge browser.

Features of Sauce Labs

It is beneficial to improve the software’s efficiency because if we continuously check it can provide instant feedback through the entire development process, making it easy and fast to debug.
Extensive debugging, test review and sauce efficiency are some other functions.
It will carry out many checks, including integration checks, end-to-end automated testing, and device tests in the Sauce cloud.

2. BrowserStack

It is a cloud-based mobile and web-based development framework allowing developers to use various mobile and Web systems to test their web applications. There are four main products, including Online, Online App, Automate, and Automate App, from BrowserStack. In this case, no computers and VM [virtual machine] must be installed or managed. This will allow us to reduce expenses, service, and time and provide flexibility in order to arrange the best goods and services of quality.

Features of BrowserStack

It is very scalable because it meets our testing criteria that lead to team development because devices are available to any member.
It is used to test the responsive web design in various screen sizes without manually checking every browser combination.
This is used to find and immediately address bugs.

3. GhostLab

The tool GhostLab is used in many browsers and mobile devices to test our Software on any web site simultaneously. With this app, our local browsers can be opened directly and a mobile device attached, and we can use the near quarter code. If we operate on a local site, it helps us grow our pages. It is available without further modification for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Features of GhostLab

With one click, we can build, open, and link the diverse browsers to the GhostLab.
This tests the CSS and DOM on any device and automatically changes it in all connected devices if changes take place on DOM.
It takes the screenshot of any connected computer, describes it in the attached editor, and moves it to the bug tracker.

4. Browsera

It is an online resource used to check and report changes to the cross-browser architecture and to build scripts on our website. This will constantly compare the performance of each browser, and search our pages for conflicts so they can be resolved quickly. You will instantly check the various pages of our websites. It is also going to generate a report once the test is finished.

Features of Browsera

This is used to find JavaScript mistakes as these mistakes will cause us to lose our site’s functionality and give users a wrong impression.
Both simple HTTP authentication and application-based logins are allowed. We have to offer and access a unique login field I d for this reason.
We do not need any installation in this tool because of all runs from the cluster of the server.

5. LambdaTest

It’s a tool based on the cloud. It uses scripts on selenium and Appium via many desktop and android iOS browsers. We can check our web application on the most recent browsers with the aid of the LambdaTest tool.

Features of Lambda Test

The problem tracker is already integrated with LambdaTest, enabling us directly from the LambdaTest framework to achieve and monitor our bugs.
With only one button, we can test the answer to our query.
It provides a screenshot feature that allows us to check compatibility with a visual cross-browser across multiple mobile and desktop browsers.


In this article, we have seen what is Cross browsing tools and various tools available in the market. You can choose any one of them based on your requirement. I hope you will find this article helpful.

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Cross Browser Testing Tools

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