Eat This Food At Night To Become Slimmer |

Eat This Food At Night To Become Slimmer

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So, you are on a diet, trying to eat a healthy meal just so that you can fit into your cute red dress the next morning. Great. But, will that really help? Probably not. If you want your diet to work wonders overnight, then it’s imperative that you stick to foods that help you de-bloat. Because maybe that tummy bulge and the puffy cheeks are a result of bloating and you don’t know it.
Here’s what can work in your favour: a meal that consists of foods that help you get rid of bloating overnight. And lots of H2O, of course. Wondering what to add to your menu? Well, here are a few options that you should consider.

Make Celery Your New Best Friend

Do you know that celery has been touted as one of the healthiest foods on the planet? However, you need to have it for your dinner because this green, leafy wonder is packed with water and it helps in flushing out extra fluids from your body. So, no points for guessing that your tummy will look a little flatter, once all the excess water is out of your system. In fact, celery is also considered to be an anti-inflammatory food that helps in reducing inflammation in the digestive system.

Yogurt Is Not Just a Morning StapleStaple

You might like to begin your day with a bowl of yogurt, but how about ending it with the same? Yup, you can nosh on some yummy yogurt and depend on it to help you de-bloat. However, make sure you steer clear of flavoured ones. Just plain yogurt would do the trick. The reason why you should opt for yogurt at night is because it’s full of probiotics, which are basically the bacteria that help in digestion and absorption of food. Once your gastrointestinal system benefits from it–bye bye bloating.

Say Hola To SaunfSaunf

Not just us, but experts too swear by the anti-bloating properties of fennel seeds or saunf . “The compounds anethole, fenchone, and estragole in fennel seeds have antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties that relax intestinal muscle and allow trapped gas to dissipate,” says Tara Coleman, clinical nutritionist, USA to Women’s Health magazine.

The best part is that you can add fennel seeds to your tea or dinner to make most of it.

Ginger Is Not Just For Taste

You may like adding ginger to your daily meals for the sake of flavour, but it can do a lot more than that. For instance, it helps in releasing pent up gas in your body. As a result, you will tummy will look a lot flatter once you start eating it.

According to a report published in Positive Med, it helps you slim down in lot of different ways. “It reduces bloating, speeds up your metabolism, and is also a natural appetite suppressant. Drinking ginger tea during a meal will help you feel full more quickly which helps avoid over eating,” states the report.

Add Asparagus To Your Pantry

Asparagus is also called a natural diuretic–meaning it aids in urine production in the kidney due to the presence of amino acid called asparagines. So, the more you hit the loo, the more toxins will get flushed out of your body. Not to forget, asparagus improves your digestive health by catalyzing the growth of good bacteria in your body.

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Eat This Food At Night To Become Slimmer

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