Elegoo vs Arduino

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Elegoo vs Arduino

Introduction to Elegoo vs Arduino

Did it ever struck your mind what if you come out with an idea about a technology that is so revolutionary that with a blink of an eye, your technology is powerful and you become the sole king in the market. There will be other players who will try to tap into the void spaces left by you and see the potential to grow! This is a normal scenario for business cases. Arduino started off also with an intent to help people, students, kids who have no prior experience of microcontrollers, have a source of learning as per the interest and get into that deeper and broader.

History and Terminologies Alert!!

We have known that intent with which Arduino started. It was led by a group of engineers and this company was formed as a research project by 5 students of Interaction Design Institute of Ivrea. Now over the years when Arduino started being popular, other companies also wanted to capture the opportunity of being successful in this genre and started making counterfeit Arduino kits and with the IDE being open source itself, these companies bought their own micro-controller painted their brands and then sold as their own Arduino kits. Elegoo is one of such brands which mass produces boards with the open source blueprint of Arduino and since it is an open source platform, there are no royalties paid.

Now let us go into some terminologies for better understanding of Elegoo or Arduino or any other such companies which produces such kits. The very first term is about started kit. A starter kit is a pack of individual components which when bound together, works in a tandem and makes anything possible you would have thought about when working with Arduino. The final piece you may make, may be capable of responding to sound, touch, light, vibration etc. This kit might invoke interest in kids to learn more about electronics. Next, is about boards by Arduino or Elegoo. These boards are complex micro-circuit connections in a small platform known as boards which are capable of reading inputs like, sensor lights, pressing of button or may be a social media message for example twitter. There would be standard set of instructions to be followed when these inputs are fed and respective output must pass through this complex connections to fulfill the command.

With these fundamentals, we are ready to learn about differences between Elegoo and Arduino. Let’s jump onto that now!

Head to Head Comparison between Elegoo vs Arduino (Infographics)

Below are the top 5 comparisons between Elegoo vs Arduino:

Elegoo vs Arduino info

Key differences between Elegoo vs Arduino

Let us discuss some key differences between Elegoo vs Arduino in the following points:

In this section we would be comparing the likes of Elegoo and Arduino. What is interesting to look at is that how does one, which has been the pioneer in this industry and the first to conquer is fairing against which has been fairly late to arrive in the genre.
The essential differences will be based on basics of Arduino and Elegoo, next is on tools present in Arduino and Elegoo, and finally the battle between Starter kits of each. Once we have our basics sorted out, we would look into some other perspective of costs, supports of projects and many such small point of views. So, without much ado let us get started on each individually.
Arduino is an open sourced hardware and software company which focusses on building interactive electronic kits and their marketing. These electronic kits are digital devices capable of interacting with the physical world. Whereas Elegoo, another big name in the field of design and manufacturing specializes on building Arduino boards! Elegoo is an open sourced hardware research company.
Now coming to the tool perspective of Arduino vs Elegoo. Arduino is supposed to be the company selling Arduino kits with built in software capability so that a person with no or little software experience shouldn’t face any difficulty in pursuing the learning about electronics. The built-in feature of Arduino allows one to build computers capable of interaction with physical world. Whereas, Elegoo a company specialized in providing electronic kits, provides Arduino kits as well but in turn doesn’t support the Arduino project and doesn’t include the Arduino IDE.
Now coming to the last point of Starter kits. Although both Arduino and Elegoo are similar in terms of starter kit Arduino UNOs starts getting expensive if you need to build a lot of projects under one workbench, but Elegoo even with half the price on starter kits, packs greater buying advantage for people.
Now coming to the later half of comparison on firstly price. Now that Arduino sells hardware and software, is priced higher than any of the other alternatives out there. Although it is believed that the amount goes into the further development of Arduino project.
Whereas Elegoo is pretty cheap in comparison to Arduino but you would still need Arduino IDE to be packed with Elegoo. Now when it comes to support of projects, since Arduino is the sole proprietor of Arduino IDE, the integration is seamless for Arduino, whereas for Elegoo there is reports of reliability problem.

Comparison Table of Elegoo vs Arduino

The table below summarizes the comparisons between Elegoo vs Arduino:


Basics of the company
Elegoo is one of the big names which specializes in building Arduino hardware.
Arduino is the sole proprietor of hardware and software of Arduino boards.

Arduino IDE needs to be taken separately.
Built-in software capability is present.

Starter Kits
With less than half the price of Arduino, Elegoo starter kits is a great buying advantage.
Starter kits gets expensive if you have to build several projects under one work bench.

Rather cheaper than Arduino.
It really is an expensive one.

Project Support
Arduino IDE needs to be taken separately, hence reliability is one of the issues.
Since it comes built-in with IDE, no reliability problem.


With the discussion in this article, we are well versed with all the intricate differences between Arduino and Elegoo. So now it is entirely on the user to go which ever is suitable according to the project. For example, if you looking for it as a hobby, maybe Elegoo is a better off option, but if you are working on some reliable product delivery, then Arduino is the only name which you should have in mind! Both of them are well-built and high quality electronic kits in today’s world and quality wise there is negligible quality difference between them.

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Elegoo vs Arduino

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