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Expense Tracker in Excel

Expense Tracker in Excel (Table of Contents)

Definition of Expense Tracker
How to Create Expense Tracker in Excel?

Introduction to Expense Tracker in Excel

Expense planning or tracker helps you to keep your finances in check, i.e. spending. Expense tracker is an essential track for your monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly spendings. As there are a lot of the expense tracker templates available, it may be in excel or with a third party, but it is always better to make your own for a better understanding. It is always better to document your expenses every time you spend, there are two types of expenses, it may be Fixed and Variable expense.

Fixed Expenses: Monthly Loan amounts (car, home, personal) & mortgage remains constant month after month, whereas.
Variable Expenses: Groceries, Home & utilities, Personal, medical expense & Entertainment fluctuate month on month & variation will be there based on your spendings.
Goal Settings: We can set a short or long-term goal with expense planning (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly).

Definition of Expense Tracker

It is an estimate or track of expenditure or expense for a particular set of time period.

How to Create Expense Tracker in Excel?

Let’s check out, step by step procedure to create expense tracker in excel.

You can download this Expense Tracker Excel Template here – Expense Tracker Excel Template

Suppose I want to create a family expense planner, the following criteria are kept in mind while creating an expense tracker, I can add the below-mentioned categories to create a template of it.

You should know or be aware of your monthly expenses or spending, which is categorized into various sections.

1. Home & Utilities

House rent
Furniture & appliances
House Renovations & maintenance
Cleaning Services
Home phone
Lawn/Garden maintenance

2. Insurance & Financial Section

Personal & life insurance (Monthly or Quarterly or Half-yearly or Yearly)
Car insurance (Annual)
Health insurance (Annual)
Home insurance (Annual)
Paying off debt if you have taken from someone
Investments & super contributions (Stock market or mutual funds)
Charity donations to save tax (Annual)
Gifts given on any wedding or other occasion

3. Obligations

Car loan
Study Loan (Taken during graduation or postgraduation studies)
Credit Card bills payment
Child Support
State/Local Taxes
Legal Fees

4. Groceries

Fruit & veg market (Veg)
Butcher or Fish shop (Non-veg)
Bakery products
Pet food in case if you own a pet

5. Personal & Medical Expense

Doctors & medical expense
Emergency (Any accidents you met with)
Medicines & pharmacy
Glasses & eye care
Cosmetics & toiletries spending’s
Hair & beauty products
Health club (Annual or monthly memberships & spending’s)
Clothing & shoes
Jewellery & accessories
Computers & gadgets
Sports & gym
Education – Online or offline course fees
Pet care & veterinary expense

6. Entertainment & Dine Out

Coffee & tea
Take-away & snacks
Drinks & alcohol
Bars & clubs
Newspapers & magazines
Theater or Movies & music
Outdoor Recreation
Celebrations & gifts
Club Memberships
Videos/DVDs taken on rent or purchased

7. Transportation Fares

Bus & train fare
Taxi fare
Road tolls & parking
Registration & license
Vehicle Repairs & maintenance
Fines paid

8. Child Care

Baby products
Play home or babysitting fare
Sports & other activities
School tuition fees
School uniforms
Other school needs

Now, you can add these in excel with each category separately & need to create category wise batch. If we are creating a monthly expense tracker, we need to create day-wise for each week, i.e. 5 sheets for 5 weeks. Let’s create for week 1, with day-wise breakup. Category section in column A, i.e. add each category and its total expense.

Each description in column B and weekdays in a respective column i.e. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday in column C, D, E, F, G, H, & I respectively.

Total expense for each description in column J.

Expense excel 1-1

Now add SUM function for each category & its description in a vertical & horizontal range column C till column I cells.

Expense tracker in Excel 1-1

After using the SUM formula the result is shown below.

Expense tracker in Excel 1-2

Similarly, the above step is followed for another category as well, now Week 1 Tracker is ready.

Expense tracker in Excel 1-3

Simultaneously, you need to create 4 weekly trackers apart from this week 1 tracker, based on the number of weeks in a month.

Total Expense 2

Simultaneously, you need to create 4 weekly trackers apart from this week 1 tracker, based on the number of weeks in a month. It can be created by just moving a copy by placing a mouse cursor on a Week 1 Tracker sheet.

Week 1 Tracker

Once you click on “Move or Copy”, its window appears, check the box to create a copy & click on move to end. So that another copy of weekly tracker is created so that you can name that sheet as “Week 1 Tracker”.

Move or Copy - 2

In that Week 1 Tracker(1) you just need to update the heading of week tracker name i.e.


Expense tracker in Excel 2-1

Similar, steps are followed to create another 3 weeks tracker. Once all the five weeks tracker is created, you need to create one more final sheet i.e. EXPENSE_TRACKER, it is an overall combination all the 5 weeks expense tracker to analyze & sum up all the expenses & create a total monthly expense data.

You can create a table, category wise where you need to link each cell to the weekly category total expense for each week. Let’s link the cell reference for week 1, for cell “C4” you need to link it to cell “J16” of Week 1 Tracker sheet i.e. It is a Total expense of home & utilities category for week 1.

Expense tracker in Excel 2-2

Simultaneously, all the week category total expenses are linked to relevant cells. In row 12 & column G, you can do the sum for a weekly category total expense.

Total Expense

Now, the expense tracker is ready, once you add expense data in a weekly tracker, automatically it gets updated.

weekly tracker

Things to Remember

It will help out to spend right expense items at the right ratios at the right time when you are in financial difficulty or debt-ridden, Expense tracker analyzes your way and nature of your spending habits.
There are various types of expense template you can create based on the criteria, we can choose any of the below-mentioned expense template that fits your needs.
Family & Household Expense.
Project expense in organization.
Home construction expenses when you are building a house of your own.
Wedding expense for your daughter or son.
Academic club expenses when you have a yearly membership.
College or School expenses for your children.
Holiday & shopping expenses when you are on vacation leave.

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