From Amazing To Downright Scary, These 30 Design Decisions In Soviet Apartment Buildings In Lithuania Are Far From Boring

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Anyone who’s ever visited a post-soviet country would’ve probably noticed some dull and depressing Eastern Bloc apartment buildings. Designed solely for one purpose—to put a roof over the heads of as many residents as possible, as quickly as possible—these buildings are definitely not the greatest example of charming architecture. However, the people who lived behind the iron curtain learned to make the most of what they had, and that included decorating the yards and hallways of these hideous apartment blocks. However, creativity and taste don’t always go hand in hand. While we would like to say take a look at these amazing, mesmerizing, wonderful gardens and hallways, all we can actually say is look at these… quirky gardens and hallways. Of course, this doesn’t apply to all of them because there’s some amazing ideas in this list as well. But mostly… well, we really don’t want to get your hopes up. Scroll down below. Upvote. Comment. Roast us. You know, the usual.

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64-year-old Kristina Šeniauskienė has gone viral for her impressive garden in front of the apartment building where she lives. “I work for the compliments,” the crafty woman told the local TV station. “Throughout my life, I have never received as many compliments as I do now,” she added. Every day, she spends somewhere from 5 to 6 hours working on 60 different plants in the garden.

She started taking care of the garden 11 years ago. “When I’m working outside with the flowers, I don’t feel any pain,” she said. “But when I come back, lay down in my bed, my body starts to get sore. So I feel better here [outside]. Just like in childhood—I don’t want to come back home in the evenings,” she added, smiling. “Every year, she comes up with some new compositions,” one neighbor told the TV news station. “We come here like it’s some kind of museum.”

Image credits: Kristina Šeniauskienė


Image credits: Laiptinių puošimo grupė


Image credits: Laiptinių puošimo grupė


Image credits: Ema Matulionytė


Image credits: Bernardas Maršalka

Created on Christmas Eve back in 2018, the Facebook group Laiptinių puošimo grupė has over 3.5k members now. The group description says that it welcomes everyone who takes care of the decor of hallways and gardens in apartment buildings.


Image credits: Goda Stanionytė


Image credits: Sandra Kasperūnaitė


Image credits: Lauksvė Krušaitė‎


Image credits: Darija Zakarauskaite‎


Image credits: Mantas Zakas

The group Laiptinių puošimo grupė was founded by Giedre Viliulyte, who is still an admin, and her dad, Giedrius Viliulis (yes, they both have the same name and it’s adorable!). When it was created, Giedre and her dad shared photos of beautifully decorated hallways among their neighbors. However, after Giedrius deleted his Facebook account, his daughter decided to attract more members to the group—and succeeded!


Image credits: Roberta Bičiūnaitė


Image credits: Elena Krukonytė


Image credits: Liudvikas Rukšėnas‎


Image credits: Ieva Nakvišėlė‎


Image credits: Giedrius Poska‎

“I founded the group along with my dad, Giedrius, back in 2018 right before Christmas. We were inspired by the Christmas decorations in our 12-story apartment building,” the group administrator, Giedre, told Bored Panda.


Image credits: Ieva Gvazdaitytė

#17 “Please look after my flower until February 7”

Image credits: Teodoras Lukošiūnas


Image credits: Haidė Muzičiukaitė


Image credits: Giedrius Poska‎


Image credits: Liepa Gaidauskaitė

“While riding the elevator, it was fun to see all the different decorations on each floor. At first, we invited only close friends and neighbors to the group with whom we shared photos of the decor on our floor,” Giedre explained.


Image credits: Aušra Lenkšaitė


Image credits: Laiptinių puošimo grupė


Image credits: Evelina Kosmonautika


Image credits: Gabrielė Dubrovnikaitė‎


Image credits: Laiptinių puošimo grupė

“This group would always lift my mood and I wanted to see more posts, especially since the trend of decorating hallways and gardens in front of apartment buildings is big everywhere in Lithuania,” the group administrator told Bored Panda. “So, I started brainstorming ideas on how I could attract more Lithuanians to the group.”


Image credits: Laiptinių puošimo grupė


Image credits: Laiptinių puošimo grupė


Image credits: Laiptinių puošimo grupė


Image credits: Laiptinių puošimo grupė


Image credits: Laiptinių puošimo grupė

“I had been following a Lithuanian blogger named Mahila for a long time, and her sense of humor seemed similar to mine so I messaged her about my group and she shared the link to it on her page,” Giedre said. “That’s when the group really started to bloom! Members started flooding it with photos of their own hallways, little gardens, and squares from all around the country,” she added.

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From Amazing To Downright Scary, These 30 Design Decisions In Soviet Apartment Buildings In Lithuania Are Far From Boring

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