Get Dozens of Fantastic Activity Ideas for Seniors at this Free Website

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activity ideas for seniors

Keep seniors engaged with a variety of fun activities

Having lots of fun activity ideas on hand helps prevent boredom, boost mood, reduce agitation, and improve quality of life for older adults.

To give you plenty of options, we found a fantastic free website called Maria’s Place that’s full of creative activity ideas for seniors.

They’re simple, fun, and adaptable for all ability levels. You’re sure to find something that appeals to your older adult.

Creating a free account is required to view all the activities, but it’s quick and easy to do.

We explain how to use the website, what types of activity ideas are available, and share some of our favorites.

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How to find activity ideas on the Maria’s Place website

The website is easy to navigate and has three main categories: Creative Activities, Body & Mind Activities, and Planning & Education.

To find activity ideas, focus on the categories for Creative Activities (crafts, coloring, holidays, and more) and Body & Mind Activities (word games, trivia, exercise, poems, and more).

Under Planning & Education > Activity Programming > Search Activities by Ability, you’ll find a helpful list of activities sorted by ability level.

For example, you could focus on activities for Early, Middle, or Late Stage Dementia. Or, on activities that typically appeal to women or to men.

To make it easy to understand how to do an activity, many are explained through excellent video tutorials – like this pine cone bird feeder.

With so many ideas to browse (and more being added every day), it’s fun to click around and explore until you find something that your older adult would enjoy.

You can also use the Search function at the top right corner of the page if there’s something specific that you have in mind.


Take scenic tours, meditate, reminisce, and learn about caregiving

The website also offers beautiful scenic tours through time-lapse photography set to tranquil music. Your older adult can relax and enjoy these lovely videos while you take a break or you can enjoy them together.

Maria’s Place also has guided meditations, reminiscence memory games, and helpful information for caregivers.


A few of our favorite activity ideas for seniors

Here are a few activities that we really enjoy:

Painting in Four Parts – create a DIY jigsaw puzzle by painting a simple pattern or picture and cutting it into pieces
Fruits, list from A to Z – think of a fruit that starts with each letter of the alphabet
Fishes coloring page – enjoy coloring or painting this ocean scene


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Get Dozens of Fantastic Activity Ideas for Seniors at this Free Website

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