Hobbycraft reveals the craft that’s no longer trendy

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Once upon a time personalising a T-Shirt with your kids or friends involved a paintbrush and fabric paints. But this humble craft has fallen from grace.

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Fabric paints are on the out

According to Hobbycraft, there has been a drop in the number of us whipping out the fabric paints. Sales of the paints have fallen by 14 per cent so far this year and this is expected to continue to drop.

Fabric paints 3

However, while fabric paints in on the outs there are plenty of crafts that are gaining ground and flourishing into creative movements. If you’re into a little DIY activity or looking for a relaxing hobby, we have the low-down on the crafty trends that are bound to catch your interests.

Model making and painting on the rise

If you have sons or a big brother hearing model painting is probably giving you painful flashbacks to finding Warhammer invading the kitchen table. Well, it seems model making is no longer the realm of teenage boys, with model kits seeing an increase in sales of 15 per cent.

The Instagram trend – paint pouring

Fabric paints 2

This new trend is more our speed. The craft involves pouring acrylic paints over each other to create dramatic swirling designs. Rarely, the process and finished project are as equally instragammable as each other. Plus it can easily be used to update your houseplant pots.

Sales of the tools have already increased by 17 per cent. But if you need more evidence that this is a hot new trend just check out the 500,000 people sharing their creations on Instagram under #pouring.

The therapeutic benefits of watercolour paints

Fabric paints 3

There’s no denying the therapeutic benefits of getting absorbed by painting or colouring. But many people are taking this to the next level and diving into the world of watercolours. Sales of watercolour pencils have increased by 20 per cent in the last year, there has even been a spike in the sale of easels as we delve back into our creative side.

The Meghan-effect on Calligraphy

Fabric paints 1

We have Meghan Markle and her immaculate handwriting to thank for this trend. Ever since we first got a glimpse of her flowing signature at The Duke and Duchesses wedding, calligraphy has been on the rise. Sales of sets have almost doubled in the last year. Now we can’t imagine anything more soothing than pouring over italic letters at our home desk.

Personalisation with Screen-printing

While fabric painting might be on the outs, personalisation is still a driving force behind crafting. Screen printing has become a particular favourite for adding a little something extra to clothing and tote bags for baby showers and bridal showers.

Will you be getting crafty with any of these new trends?

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Hobbycraft reveals the craft that’s no longer trendy

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