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Home Alarm Systems Do It Yourself: A Complete Guide

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Home security is a rapidly expanding world of products that seeks to bring together homeowners and their own peace of mind. With major advancements in recent technological sectors, home security systems have become easier to install than ever while also being more affordable than ever. It makes sense that many homeowners are now, for the first time, taking their home security seriously. While many professional alarm companies can help get customers started, like ADT or Vivint, customers can also consider going the route of a DIY home alarm system. Today, we are going to talk about the qualities and benefits that a DIY home alarm system can offer.


The Benefits Of A DIY Home Alarm System

Stroll through a nearby hardware and it will become readily apparent that people are maneuvering toward the world of home security in a big way. There are more products available for sale than ever and this includes cameras, motion sensors, floodlights and even triggered sirens. While the United States is on a decline in terms of the number of home break-ins reported every year, there are still more than 5,800 burglaries reported to the authorities every single day. While we don’t want to make anyone paranoid, it is never a bad idea to start taking home security seriously.

A DIY home alarm system can give a homeowner absolute flexibility when designing the safety features of their home.

Knowing that home security is important, what can we do from a DIY perspective in order to make sure that we’ve covered all of our basis? Well, the first thing we can do is make sure that we are providing solutions to our home security that have been tailored and perfected for our specific situations. This can be accomplished by performing the following thought experiment:

How large is my property and how much of it do I want under surveillance?
Do I need to add exterior and indoor cameras?
What do I want in terms of video quality? HD? 4K?
Do I need night vision in order to secure my property?

Once these questions are answered, homeowners can begin to seriously put together their alarm system. Putting together a home alarm system via DIY is easier than it may sound but still hard enough that people will need to pay attention. Here are the core aspects of a DIY home alarm system that has to be taken care of.

Video Camera Monitors – HD video quality is ideal and night vision is mandatory for exterior cameras.
Motion Detection Sensors – These can be installed on windows and doors and they emit a loud siren when disturbed.
Control Center – Most DIY home alarm systems route to a central control hub that operates on WiFi, 3G, or BlueTooth technology.

DIY Home Alarms Vs. Professional Monitoring Services

There are many reasons to consider adding a security system to a home, but is going at it the DIY route the most effective way? DIY gives homeowners absolute flexibility in terms of what their system installation looks like. However, DIY home alarm systems are not always the most secure. In fact, the only way to guarantee continuous coverage is to turn to a professional home monitoring company like Protect America.

Protect America Can Offer You The Home Security System You Need

Ultimately, when it comes time to outfit a home with a home security system, the focus has to be on staying safe and secure at the best price available. While DIY systems like the one we outlined above are effective, they aren’t the only option for homeowners to explore. We have always loved the idea of professionally secured home monitoring, and no company offers the kind of package that Protect America does.

Protect America has been creating home security solutions since 1992 and over the years they’ve grown into one of the most popular security companies in all of the United States. Protect America specializes in bringing affordable home security solutions to their customers by offering them low monthly rates, locked-in service prices, and no-installation fees on all installations. For homeowners who want to feel safe and secure, now is a great time to consider calling Protect America for a free estimate.

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Home Alarm Systems Do It Yourself: A Complete Guide

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