Is this a photo of the Loch Ness Monster?

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picture of large unidentified creature in loch ness

The Loch Ness Monster is trending on Twitter thanks to tourist Steve Challice sharing a photograph he took while visiting Loch Ness in Scotland last year. Showing part of a grey, speckled creature, reportedly about eight-feet-long and arcing above the water, the photograph has people excited about the cryptid all over again.

picture of large unidentified creature in loch ness

For many people, this seems like just more 2020. We’ve already had UFOs and Murder Hornets, so why not Nessie?

ME: "NOW? I'm CERTAIN; 2020?......has crested, it CANNOT Get any weirder!!!.... FACTS!.  LOCH NESS MONSTER: "BITCHES, HOLD MY BEER!!!"  Ok, so who had #LochNessMonster in the 2020 is completely F%^KED pool?

so first the witches, amish, and satanists came out to join the protests and now we got the loch ness monster on deck? our deep sea queen said defund the policeSplashing sweat symbol

"Woke up fucking "Loch Ness Monster" trending. Can whever is in charge of the 2020 playlist, please take it off of shuffle. PLEASE!" Gif of Homer Simpson begging

2020 Bingo Cards were pulled out, with some people celebrating having actually called the reappearance of the famous Scottish cryptid when they set things out earlier in the year.

"Dang! Didn't have Loch Ness Monster. Come on Alien Invasion July!!" followed by picture of filled out Bingo card and image of "Nessie"

Who had Loch Ness Monster on their 2020 Shitstorm bingo card?

Who had Loch Ness Monster for June 2020?

People were wondering when Big Foot was going to make his appearance. After all, we’ve already checked off air (UFOs) and now water with Nessie, so when is land going to get in on the fun?

The Loch Ness Monster is trending right now, so 2020. What are the odds  @MLChristiansen  gets a Bigfoot sighting to go viral before 2020 is over?

"10 minutes later, another photo of Loch Ness Monster was captured giving Sasquatch an Uber ride to the other side of the lake." picture of Sasquatch riding Nessie

"Big foot waiting for his turn after seeing the Loch Ness Monster on trending " bigoot wearing a tie

And the 5G conspiracy theory and robot birds got an honorable mention.

The sighting of the Loch Ness Monster is due to the triangulation of 5G cell towers. The 5G chemtrail radiation beams have awaken this creature which was a pet for the alien lizard people. The robot drone birds are tracking and protecting LNM.

Challice maintains he does not believe this is the Loch Ness monster, claiming it’s probably just a seal or a giant cat fish. While his skepticism may seem at first to add a degree of plausibility to the image, that may actually have been a cunning ploy on his part—after all, surely if it’s a fake, he wouldn’t be claiming not to believe in it himself, right? However, quite a few people familiar with image editing programs have said the picture is likely photoshopped. Roland Watson, a ten-year veteran of the Nessie hunt and expert on the cryptid, has even written a break down of the image and the catfish photograph most likely used to create it.

It seems that Nessie remains elusive. But hey, it’s 2020, so that’s probably just for now.

at this point in 2020, I'm not putting anything past being bring on the aliens, #bigfoot and The Loch Ness Monster! Winking face with tongueFace with tears of joyFace savouring foodRolling on the floor laughing


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Is this a photo of the Loch Ness Monster?

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