Magnesium – Why YOU Need It In your Life |

Magnesium – Why YOU Need It In your Life

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– Hey, you’ve been feeling depressed lately? Is it possible that you might be low on magnesium? Let’s talk about it, right here, right now. Stay tuned. It’s Nutri-Coach X saving the day with nutrition, health and wellness for all. Hey, what’s happening guys? Xavier Smith A-K-A Nutri-coach X and I’m coming to you today in my backyard, trying to take advantage of the nice cool breeze before it warms up and it’s no longer bearable to be outside. I wanted to talk to you today about your magnesium. I don’t want you to take my word for it so I’m gonna come to you … I always keep my head in a book. I’m reading from my Fitness Journal that I get monthly. The title, the paragraph starts as such “Yes, magnesium deserves magnesium deserves more respect. People tend to forget about magnesium but health experts increasingly recognize the key role it plays in boosting your health. Magnesium is critical to muscle, nerve and heart function, glucose control, and energy production, as well as bone structure. While Americans rarely suffer from magnesium deficiency, some groups, older men, adolescent girls and people with gastrointestinal disease, Type II Diabetes, and alcohol dependence are more likely to need higher levels in their diets”.

Okay, so that’s very important. “Not getting enough magnesium can contribute to high blood pressure, Type II Diabetes, osteoporosis, migraine headaches, and possibly depression. Federal Guidelines, Federal Nutritional Guidelines suggest that adult women consume 310 calories, between 310 and 320 milligrams of magnesiums per day. While adult men should take in about 400 to 420 milligrams per day. Let’s switch gears and talk about sources of magnesium. In this video we are just gonna talk about the foods you can find. Maybe later on, in another video, we can talk about the daily value. First of all, the foods that you can get your magnesium from are things like almonds, dry roasted, maybe one ounce; spinach, boiled, cashews, dry roasted; peanuts …

Oil roasted; and they even say cereal, like shredded wheat, two large biscuits of shredded wheat; soy milk, plain or vanilla, one cup; black beans, cooked, half cup; edamame, shelled, cooked, half cup; peanut butter, smooth, two tablespoons; bread, whole wheat, two slices; avocado, cubed, one cup; potato, baked with skin, ounces; rice, brown, cooked, half cup; yogurt, plain, low-fat, eight ounces; and breakfast cereals fortified with 10% of the daily value for magnesium. So be sure and read your labels. Okay, that’s it guys. I just talked to you about a little paragraph about magnesium deserving respect. I just gave you some sources of good magnesium. In another video, I’ll talk to you a little bit more about the milligrams per serving in your daily value. How about that? I’m Xavier Smith A-K-A Nutri-coach X and I’m off to save the world with nutrition, health and wellness for all.

Ha ha, I’ll see you next time. (psychedelic music).

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Magnesium – Why YOU Need It In your Life

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