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NOOT NOOT | Learn To Fly 3

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Top of the morning to ya ladies, My name is jacksepticeye and welcome to a game called learn to Fly 3 I never heard about this game before I was browsing around on steam and it came up and recommended and it looked fun So I thought I’ d play it. It’s it. I think it was a mobile game at one point Maybe. reminds me of some mobile games. I used to play like I don’t know, or uh, an old game on new grounds called toss to turtles that I used to play it was like an angry grandma game that I had on My phone when I was in college that i used to play its one of those things where you send a Character into the air you see how far you can get then you get points you buy more stuff. You launch them further I don’t know it looks fun it looks it looks nice and Casual and I got some badass of penguins here that I can launch into space if I want to so Why not let’s have a little fun Penguin Nasa haha are those balls or cabbages that you’re throwing Hmm ok so.

The objective is to get to the moon got it. We can do it. No problem I think your scale is a bit off there I Don’t think that’s going to work Hey Fuckin did but it never came back down again though So these are all the attempts that they’re making to get to the moon And then some guy is going to come up with some sort of science-ology Not scientology. That’s another realm of stupidity *intense penguin pointing* wha-a-a-t? *nervous laughter* like flying, but up MOTHER OF GOD. *non-nervous laughter* this is so dumb (but adorable) okay, welcome to the Hangar buy a launcher to get started and hit ready to take off you got it captain A Coil! a big spring pretty stiff, should take us to space give or take a few inches ahhhh ooo, I can upgrade as well.

Okay I have zero moneys, so I’m just going to hit ready So the first few I’m probably not going to do too well because it’s just gonna (Yes Jack?) *Badass metal music* Fuck yeah! oh the Fuckin Doge cloud in the background. I didn’t go very far, I got 13 dollars out of it,14 Dollars! 16 dollars! keep that money going up, please okay, geez that’s close up of that penguin. Time for an upgrade click the green arrow next to the launcher, ok Nice it’s level 2 now Let’s fucking go bitches I Like the music when you take off as well *BADASS METAL MUSIC* Fuck yeah, go pingu *Puberty Screech* NOOT NOOt Ok we didn’t go very far that time either. There’s probably something. I’m supposed to be pressing to get further But I don’t know what it is Stage’s unlocked! Stages are your main thrusters. They are automatically used Jesus Christ. It’s like playing fucking Kerbal space program now Okay, space program grade balloons. So how do I use you? I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

I’m a smart cookie. COOKIE?! I want a cookie. Let’s go. WHOOSH!! Alright the balloon. Just thrusts me Okay, wait, why am I going left? Am I supposed to just go up? I didn’t even hit the ground that time Okay, slowly, but surely slow and steady wins the race Slow and steady kills the chase Boosts unlocked! boosts offer many special perks some are passive, but most are triggered manually ok auxiliary Rockets Pressurized gas I want that. I’m full of pressurized gas ok we’re all fucking upgraded. Let’s go pingu NOOT NOOT!! Whoosh! ok, I’m going in a direction this time. Oh, oh, I have to click they make them go okay. Go yes, haha fucking meme cloud Hahaha, I’m finally up where I belong, with all the memes Okay, so I don’t think I’m supposed to go left and right.

I’m so used to playing games like that Where you launch them a distance rather than launching them up bodies unlocked bodies effects your top speed numbers a- okay Birdie a trashcan a crate Hmm so I go with something that’s nice or my actual home I’ll go with this one. And we’ll upgrade our coil as well. Let’s give it a go. Let’s take off. Oh fuck. Yeah WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Yeah, go, baby That was awesome. Look how fucking cute he is in his little box. Gotta go fast. What was that? Got fucking 57 dollars out of it. This is the easiest job Do do do do do do do do do do do do do do Okay, I can upgrade it or I can sell things. Stages balloon okay? What do we do you need to get these? Do I just need the money for them? that doesn’t seem right let’s upgrade our coil and our crate Okay, I’m gonna get all the fish here.

We go Wooooooooooo Trigger both things at once and we reach our fucking max speed *le clap* Yes, that was good We don’t stay in the air for very long though. I feel like I need a whole lot more ahhh Let’s upgrade our gas and our balloon That should help us get way into the air. I’m going to do it right at the start as well So both things trigger at once and we reach our fucking max speed and go super far Let me get that high okay.

Do some flips WOOOOOOOOOOO What are we getting points for? Air time and max speed. Okay altitude air time, max speed so Got it. Bonus shop unlocked spend bonus points on permanent upgrades that carry across to the new game. Oooh Hello, Little science Penguin! Boost income; increase the money earned are for each day. Ooh, how do I get you? 100 BP, and I only have 20. Fuck. Oh yes… OH YES I just got me a rocket! Can we use the rocket? Here we fucking go! There we go! All the way to space Pingu! NOOT NOOT!! Hahaha, yes I don’t know what this is… 11? is that how high I got? look at that fucking weird bird. Stop looking at me. stop judging me $156 damn dude Okay, gonna upgrade my rocket.. and my coil.. Boom Bibidi boombop. Watch this shit check this fucking shit out get that, get that speed(speed is key) get that speed! now go! Noooot nooooot *demon ver* Did that cloud just say Senpai? Haha memes, kissy cloud. okay, we’re doing good. I need a lot more upgrades though Before my little pingu can go up into space.

He’s going to be on the moon. He’s gonna be like noot noot That’s what he sounds like shut up Ooh, Special powers! We discovered special powers! go get some at the Black market Wait a minute, wait a minute. you buy unique items with sardines okay why does this menu run like ass FPS? I don’t- How many sardines do I have? None I don’t have any, oh buy one the first, one is free. Earninator? I want this one Got it.

Please don’t tell me you actually have to spend real money to get that shit Okay, select a power. Earninator. Oh I have some already Okay lets fucking do this. I HAVE THE POWERRRRRRR Gotcha come on little pingu let’s fucking noot our way to the space moon Here we go, here we go. All the way up. There’s a fucking rocket let you soar like the majestic Penguin Eagle that you are Okay, we didn’t go that much further That’s the bunch of baloney, honi. Oh, yes Oh ho yes Let’s get one of these Russian Roulette I’m so close getting explosives This one has killer shots one, DUDS three. Max lift 25. Max lift 15 this one seems like a good This seems like a good one. I want this one Maybe it’s sometimes it won’t actually fire though.

Let’s take on an earninator again. I HAVE THE PENGUIN POWER Okay, whatever let’s go. Pingu we don’t got all day Fucks sake Okay, that was the good one, holy fuck! PINGU! What do we do? Jesus Christ That didn’t even really get us much further the other one got us to 13 I call shenanigans SHENANIGANS! Ooooh Awww ha ha ha ha ha ha The floatifier; we have 50% less gravity now this should be fucking awesome We still have a russian roulette though, so I’m worried press any key Spin the cylinder, okay? fuck Okay, look at us fucking go already yeah, baby We just have a rocket kit as our base now Holy shit that was awesome. What are you? I du- FUCKING PLANES Okay, fuck you bird hit the bird kill him kill the bird Okay, whatever whatever. We went 20 That was really good that time that was awesome $496 from that one HUD customization without changer hood on each side. What information is played on screen, okay? Whatever don’t care, pingu I don’t know if you should be drinking that… that’s straight chronic Noot Noot *LE EPIC EXPLOSION* WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING?! JESUS CHRIST! Is this what its likes to chew five dog Seems like it, holy fucking tits That was amazing, we didn’t go that high.

But Jesus Christ Just fucking took off Ohhhhh *nervous giggle* We got ourselves a fucking Powder cannon. oh boy oh boy, oh, Jesus hold down any button to add powder to the cannon be careful no to fall in Ahh. There’s like a middle ground there that I can do okay, okay? okay AHHHHH FUCK PINGUUUU Jesus fucking Christ That was insane. We didn’t really go at that high though because we lost our fucking momentum And thrust because all those other bastards got in the way Is this how high we’re going? Oh no this is how high we’re going. Wtf is this then? Altitude reach I don’t know what I was paying attention to before. But it sounds like you’re getting a message ding Okay, here we go, here we go. Yesss Ah fuck you course correct course correct go This is the shit Multi Rockets are my Jam Fuck you bird. I’m gonna roast you. Yes, I think we did good on that one, was that a good one? Feels like it was feels like that was solid, but did I get a lot for that Yes, yes, I certainly fucking did so the best I’ve ever gotten is 52.97k And I think that that’s when I had these things on must have been the floatifier one because that one Was bananas b a n a n a a s the shit is bananas, okay? Okay? Right there right there oh perfect Perfect look at that shit getting fucking good at this, bro Wow Oh this thing is fucking crazy It’s a little escape pod All the way up all the way up come on.

You can do it you can do it, really? You couldn’t fucking beat it. You couldn’t beat it. You did good though pingu you did good my little boy my little tuxedo wearing motherfucker Very very very nice we also have a permanent bonus earnings on that’s a lot of mulas *le gasp* I can customize my character? ah look how cute he is, oh that’s that’s the one right there fucking battle helmet well, balaclava Flat cap hey, you can just be like your favorite youtuber jacksepticeye poor man’s cap Hmm. I don’t know what to give you. Oh look at that one. You’re so adorable Okay, viking is pretty fucking baller I could change your face. Oh my God. I can make you pikachu Japan Monster ha ha ha Or I can give you a little dungarees and everything. A cape Yes Yes That’s good. That’s good all of these they change me a pingu dude right oh great my rPG So now I’m almost hitting peak my Peak was My best was originally 52k, and I’m hitting like without any sort of bonuses So we’re doing pretty fucking good my dudes. Here we go here.

Here we go. Oh look at that all in the green, baby Give me that green baby Go pingu! is that fucking flappy bird who just passed me? Oh look at me so adorable Okay, I had to lower the quality of the graphics slightly because it was running like shit. I don’t know why this type of game.Yes, new record hit it, hit it fuck you Get outta space Nice, altitude reached. The best I’ve ever done Thanks guys see that sounds like you’re getting a message on your phone ‘ding’ Right, is there anything else that I can actually buy now? let me see let me sell this I have a goddamn nuclear reactor HOOOLLLYY SHIITT Fuck me Pingu. What are we gonna do? Jesus Christ, that was insane All right, my pingu is geared up to the eyeballs now Are you guys ready to set a new record? I got close? To getting 60k, this is the one that’s going to do it wait till you see get fucking Alrighty go pengui Yeah, get that fucking thrust going Nice, so this one burns forever And it’s going to get us really high but then once this one goes out that second one takes off.

Take that flappy Bird Okay, we get over 30k in this one. Yeah, good. Good. Good. Good good and then this one kicks off Just keep on going keep on sailing keep on flying. We’re getting a bit of a bad wind on this one though Get the 60k get to 60k I believe in you. We’re not going to do it We’re not going to fucking do it? I believed in you pingu, I thought that we were friends. I thought that we could do this Didn’t even get better than last time… Its okay We recoup. We’ll take our win, and then we come back Okay, that’s still good. That’s a lot of money. We got our best air time though pingu That’s amazing. Okay. We’ll upgrade you That’s about all we can do because they have fuck-all to be able to do anything go pingu go pingu. Oh, yes, pingu! Go 60K 60k do it baby.

Do it baby Yeah 59 We can do it we can do it. I don’t have enough sardines to be able to go off and buy another thing I only have 5 sardines I wish you could go off and buy the floater fight thing. oh oh do we dare? Do we dare, we are going to come out the fucking block. Just absolutely launch and wait for it wait for it ah Oh pingu, oh pingu. The Lord and Savior King has returned That’s the shit my dude time well-spent nice twenty three hundred dollars just for one go That shit are cray.

Do I have the best one of these Yeah, nuclear reactors with the best one of these space shuttle yeah with the best one of these Yeah, okay So I could get more of these later on but I need six thousand for that That’s a lot. You don’t have that now my upgrades are slow Here he go again that pingu maniac breaking records all over the place Noot noot my friend noot noot Wait for this I love when the music cuts out after my booster stuff, and then just kicks in again wait for it *cute laugh*The game’s like oh, you’re stopping.

Oh, wait no, keep that fucking party going hey, we should have better boosters now We should get to a record hell, yeah Fuck yeah, we could get to 80k on this one. We’re going to do it Pingu you’re almost in space. Oh yeah, a couple more upgrades, then. We’ll get there I think a 100k might be the top. I don’t know 100K to the moon How far is the Moon away in this game? I’ve no idea long-term investments I got all that stuff, 80 bp? That’s not enough to get anything Need 100 all I want to do is get over a 100K That’s all I want to do if it get over a 100K. I’ll be happy. We’re getting up to 90 now Which is really freaking good But it’s not a 100K good. We need to get to that 100k. We get to the 100K… Then my little pingu will have gotten into space, and I’ll be happy for him. What is the best upgrade? power okay Here we go hold on Communism. I didn’t even realize it had the fucking soviet sign on it Okay, whatever can I get one upgrade each time it sucks Yes, yes Yes, go no you helicopter bastard.

We’re so close, that was my dream That’s all I wanted in life Would have been a happy bean today if I got that fuck you can I upgrade these twice? No, shit. This is the one I can feel it this time I can feel it now Go go go yes over a 100K Jesus Christ then I got nothing for it Got no upgrades, got no BP, I got no fucking nothing for it. I didn’t hit the moon What do you tell me go away? I know what it opened up a fucking webpage you think I give a shit Easter egg learn to fight penguin interview, I don’t give a shit, okay We didn’t hit the moon. I’m gonna leave this episode here me and my cool little pingu. I played this way too long I played it for an hour. Oh That got way to addictive way, too quickly It is one of those games.

It’s free-to-play though So You can go and steam and play for yourselves to see how far you guys can get if you get to the moon? Let me know where that is. I don’t know where the moon is. I don’t know. How far away it is It’s like a fucking billion or something like that. I don’t know there’s so many upgrades. There’s too many options I’d be here all day trying to get them all, but for now thank you guys so much watching this episode if you liked it punch that button in the face Like a boss And high fives all around Thank you guys and I’ll see all you dudes in the next video NOOOOOOT NOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!

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NOOT NOOT | Learn To Fly 3

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