Stuck in Self-Isolation? Here’s Some Simple But Useful Home DIY Projects

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If you’re at home with a load of free time, it’s the perfect chance to catch up on some projects around the home and if you’re lucky, start some new projects. New projects give you the opportunity to freshen up the interior aesthetics, improve curb appeal, and increase the function of your home. You may already have a list a mile long of projects you’ve been wanting to do and now all you need to do is get started.  If not, maybe you just need a little push by some inspiring projects. Here are a few simple projects that could help you use up all of the extra time from quarantine and self-isolation.

Modern Bookshelf

Ready to update the feel of your room? This modern bookshelf is an easy project that can give your room an updated feel. Thanks to the different designs, you’ll have guests intrigued by the structure and how everything is staying together.  It’s the perfect combination of stylish finish but simple construction for a bookshelf. Your supply list for this project is short: 1 6ft 2×6, 2 8ft 2×10’s, screws, glue, sandpaper, and paint or stain. For tools, you will need a miter saw, drill, paintbrush, and a sander. You start by cutting the timber for the sides and shelves out of the 2x10s. Then cut the back supports from the 2×6. Assemble the top half of the shelves using 3 short 2×10 sections and a 2×6, alternating which side they stick out on.  Continue alternating as you move on to the bottom half. Now assemble the sides to the two shelving sections you have made. For simplification, you can use screws, but you may want to get creative with a joiner or plugs to cover the screw heads on each side. Then simply sand and stain or paint to your desired finish.

Farm Clock

If you are like most, you may be losing track of time while at home. So why not make a cool pallet farm clock to help you keep track of your days? This design is simple and can be a great addition to a wall in any room. Materials for this clock include plywood, a pallet, sandpaper, spray paint, and a clock motor and hand assembly. As far as tools you will need a finish nail gun, jigsaw, stencils (or make some), sander, and drill. Start by cutting out a circle as a frame on the plywood. Depending on the motor you may need to make preparations on the plywood for install. Then with the wood removed from the pallet, tack the boards onto the plywood, and cut a circle into those as well using the plywood as a template. Sand the wood and spray your numbers onto the wood using the stencils. Sand off some paint to make a more rustic look. Then install the clock hands.

Wooden Bench

Bookshelves, tables, couches, and chairs are the main pieces of furniture. Most people fill their homes with different variations of these, from nightstands and coffee tables to sectionals and Papasan’s. How about adding a curveball to your house? A bench. This simple wooden bench would make a great addition to an entryway, or a living room wall. And they can always get pulled out for extra seating at thanksgiving or large parties when everything gets back to normal.  For this simple bench, all you need is a 2×12, a 2×6, and some screws. As far as tools you need a miter saw or a circular saw and a square, and a drill. Cut the 2×12 to the length you want the bench. Then make your legs by making two rectangles out of the 2×6. Each rectangle should consist of two shortboards maybe 6″ long and 2 longer boards around 15 or 16″ long. It depends on your situation and the height you want the bench. Then attached the rectangles under the 2×12 benchtop you made. Leave a raw wood appeal, stain, or paint the bench to match your room.

Wood Countertops

Does your kitchen need some updating? Do you want new countertops but don’t want to pay for granite or any professionally installed options? Have you considered wood? You may think it would not look good or hold up but with the right coatings, it can be a great option as a countertop. That’s one of the reasons so many bars and restaurants have wooden tabletops. These tops are simple to install. Buy a wood of your choice, pine or cedar, or anything you enjoy the look of. Using a joiner to attach the planks of wood.  Attach your counter to the cabinets. Tape off the edges and seal and stain the wood to your liking. For heavy-duty, finish pouring an epoxy coating over the counter to give you a bulletproof finish.

Plant Stand

Being stuck at home for self-isolation is the perfect time to test out your green thumb. You can build a garden out in the yard or put planters around your home. If you have a planter, that isn’t quite doing it for you, you may be able to salvage it by adding a wooden plant stand. This DIY planter stand is made from 2x2s. The top square is designed to slide almost to the top of your pot. The height should be roughly twice the height of your pot but you can change this as you see fit. Fill each side with cross members to give the stand some stability.

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Stuck in Self-Isolation? Here’s Some Simple But Useful Home DIY Projects

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