The 7 Best Lawn Mower Tire Tubes Reviews and Buying Guide

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A lawn mower’s tires may seem insignificant but they can influence the overall quality of the cut you get and also the lifetime value of the lawn mower. These tires are maintained by the kind of tubes that are used inside them.

Installing a lawn mower tire tube is simple and easy but their maintenance will give you an idea on how long your mower will last. In this article, we are going to talk about the different types of Lawn Mower tire tubes that are available and what type is the best to fit for your particular lawn mower model.

This will depend on the following some key factors that you need to keep in mind before you buy a tire tube for a lawn mower

The size of the tire: The first and foremost thing that you need to consider is the size of the tire tube. Just because a type of tube is great, you cannot buy it and expect it to fit perfectly to your lawn mower. Most tire tubes come in a size range of 2.50 inches internal diameter to about 8 inches in outer diameter. While this may seem like a standard, different mowers have different tire sizes which accept different types of mower tires.
Type of rubber used : After checking out the size of the tube, you will be looking at the build quality of the tube. All tubes are made out of rubber but the quality of rubber used varies from one tube to another. While the standard quality of vulcanized rubber used in tire tubes is 4 ply rubber, there are always better alternatives also.
Max PSI Capacity it can hold:Lawn Mower tire tubes cannot hold a lot of air in them unlike 2 wheelers or 4 wheeler passenger vehicles. The maximum most of the generic type of mowers can hold is about 30 PSI. a few variants can also hold higher as well but they are definitive of their moving motor capacity as well. Lower capacity machines or hand pushed machines (these don’t generally need tube tires) can do with lesser PSI as well.
Stem type of the tube: The stem type of the tube refers to the area where you can set in the inflator nozzle. This nozzle stem is available in straight type and bent type stems as they are the only ones available. Depending on how tight the sealing ability of either of the stems is to the rubber of the tube, your choice goes about. Valve stems can seal off air very tight and they also help in reducing the possibility of a puncture and do not cause drag or slow speeds.
Type of air pressure it can accept:The last thing to consider is the air pressure handling of the tube’s air inflation. Highway or manual inflation. Highway inflation refers to those large and heavy-duty inflators that are mostly present in gas stations. Most of these mowers are not heavy duty and are meek in nature. Thus always go with the handheld manual type of air pressure inflators. Simpler, the better and you do not risk blowing away the tube bursting out.

These are some of the key factors that you should be keeping in mind before buying a lawn mower tire tube. There are also a few frequently asked questions that we attached to the end of the article, be sure to check them out for further information as well.

Now let us go ahead to review the best lawn mower tire tubes to buy online

7 Best Lawn Mower Tire Tubes

lawn mower tire tubesSize DimensionsMax PSIStem TypeBuy Now

Marathon Replacement Inner Tube2.80/2.50-4″30 PSIN.A Check the Price

Mission Automotive Mowers Tire Tube4.80/4.00-8″30 PSIN.A Check the Price

Deli Tire Lawn and Garden Inner Tube2.80/2.50-4”30 PSITR87 Bent Valve Stem Check the Price

Premium Service Inner Tube for Lawn and Garden20×8.00-8 & 20×10.00-810 PSITR13 Valve Stem Check the Price

Lotfancy Inner Tube Tire4.10/3.50-4″30 PSITR87 bent valve stem Check the Price

Ar-Pro Inner Tube 16×6.50-8”, 16×7.50-8”60 PSITR-13 Straight Valve Stem Check the Price

7 Best Lawn Mower Tire Tubes Reviews
1. Marathon Replacement Inner Tube

marathon tube

First on our list is the Marathon Inner replacement tire tube for lawn mowers. Highly reviewed and rated, this replacement inner tube comes in multiple sizes to choose from that fits a wide range of tubes and tires.

Top Features:

Available from 8 inches in size to 16 inches too for height, diameter and width of rim/tire
Has a rim size available of the range starting from 4 inches to 6 inches and 8 inches of diameter as well
Compatible to fill in the air from air compressors, pressure washers, blowers, hand truck dollies, garden carts, spreaders, generators
Made out of 4 ply rubber
Maximum PSI capacity of 30 PSI
Easy to install


Not for highway use

Buy Now From Amazon


2. Mission Automotive Mowers Tire Tube

Mission Automotive

Next up, we have a replacement inner tire tube from the Mission Automotive. Mission automotive’s inner tube replacement is built not only for mowers but also for hand trucks, carts and even for small wheeled carts, wheelbarrows and many more.

Highly rated and reviewed, this tire tube can be used to replace tubes of the size 4.80/4.00 to 8 inches of tires or wheels (for these, the accepted outside diameter is about 15.5 inches).

Top features:

The wider diameter of 4.80 to 8 inches in height, diameter and width of rim/tire. It is thus is great for a wide range of carts or mower machines
Made out of high-quality premium rubber that is built to last for a very long time. This rubber is heavy duty and is great for home, commercial and professional use as well
Can handle a maximum PSI Pressure of 30 PSI
Can be inflated with any kind of manual pump, inflator or blower. Refrain from heavy-duty automatic blowing to prevent overblowing or overfilling of the air.


Not ideal for highway or road usage

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3. Deli Tire Lawn and Garden Inner Tube

deli tire

The Deli Tire Inner tube for garden and lawn mower comes with a modern and high-quality bent valve stem system. With the TR87 valve system, the Deli Tire Inner Tube is built to be used for mini tractors, carts, wheelbarrows as such.

With a 2.80/2.50 inches to 4 inches large diameter, the tire tube is highly reviewed and rated. It is also available in other options that go as high as 11x 4.00 large sizes as well.

Top Features:

Available in 2.80/2,50 inches to 4 inches in height, diameter and width of rim/tire. Also available in increments of one inch each till 11x
Made in Indonesia by ISO 9001 certified
Stringed quality control tests conducted on each tube
Comes with a high-quality air peep proof TR87 bent metal valve system
Made out of high-quality Butyl rubber that is durable and for heavy-duty
Great value for money
Versatile in its use and of high overall durability


None too specific to mention

Buy Now From Amazon


4. Premium Service Inner Tube for Lawn and Garden

premium service

Premium service is a very large diameter for an inner tube to be used for garden mowers and lawn mowers. It is built to be used not just for the garden and lawn mowers but also for scooter tubes and for bias tires in particular.

Top Features:

 The tube fits tires of the size 20x 8.00 to 8 inches; 20x 10.00 to 8 inches and also 20x 8 to 8 inches in height, diameter and width of rim/tire
Made out of high-quality rubber
Includes TR13 Straight rubber stem system
Recommended PSI is about 10 PSI (by John Deere machines)


Cannot handle a large PSI capacity as it can end up bursting the tire as well (at around 25 PSI reported a few)
The valve stem had a few reports lof leakage as well

Buy Now From Amazon


5. Lotfancy Inner Tube Tire 

lotfanc tube

Utility Snowblower is a pack of two inner tubes that are built for not just the lawn mower but also for a wide range of machines like the garden cart, hand truck, dolly utility wagon or even a snowblower as well.

Highly rated and reviewed, this tire tube comes with a perfect fit size of 4.10/ 3.50 to 4 inches tire to wheel diameter fitting. It can also be used as a replacement for tubes of other sizes as well depending on different picks.

Top Features:

Has a 4.10/ 3.50 to 4 inches of height, diameter and width of rim/tire size for the tire to wheel diameter fitting.
The build material of the inner tire tube is high-quality Isobutylene isoprene rubber. This gives you an airtight fixture without any possible leakage.
Great elastic damping and has an ageing resistance to it compared to natural rubber tubes.
Comes with a Heavy duty TR87 bent valve stem
Has a maximum air pressure inflation capacity of 30 PSI
Should be inflated using a manual pump (no automatic pumps to prevent tube bursting or overflowing)
Great customer service as they even provide you with a complete 100% refund or a completely free replacement if you are not satisfied with their product


None too specific to mention

Buy Now From Amazon


6. Ar-Pro Inner Tube 

arpro tube

Last on our list is yet another pair pack deal of 2 large-sized tire tubes. The AR Pro is a pack of 2, inner tire tubes that have a really large in their size and have a straight valve stem.

Can be used for mowers, tractors, garden trailers and even for golf carts, the AR Pro finds itself to be useful for a wide range of applications within the mini mover auto motives.

Top Features:

The size of the tire tube is about 16x 6.50 to 8 inches in height, diameter and width of rim/tire. It can easily fit any vehicle with a wheel rim of about 8 inches rim size. This generally falls in the range of John Deere products such as tractors, golf carts, lawn mowers.
Made out of very thick butyl rubber which has a great shock absorption capability. This will give you a no-nonsense and non-bumpy ride on the mower.
Can have a high maximum pressure capacity of 60 PSI
Contains an airtight seal gel underneath it thus making it an explosion-proof tube. Whenever it has a possible puncture, it will automatically release this to patch up the seal.
Easy 5 minutes installation process
Comes with a straight stem TR 13 mechanism


Could improve the rubber quality though it is shock-absorbing, it fades out and withers
The TR 13 stem is known to easily break and thus fail the entire tire in a few cases

Buy Now From Amazon


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.What do the inscribed numbers mean on a lawn mower’s tire?

Generally, lawn mowers have an inscribed number such as 14x 8. 00-6 or anything as such. Here, the first number that comes before the letter “x” is the height of the tire or even the fully inflated diameter of the tire.= (when it is not under any load). The middle number after the “x” and the number after the “-” indicates the width of the tire. The last number indicates the tire rim’s width

2.Do all of the riding mower tires have tubes?

Yes and no. Most of the modern lawn mower tires are designed to be tubeless in nature. These are also known to be “one-piece” designs. These are designed with rims that don’t let any air leakage. But “multiple-piece” rims are not exactly airtight and thus need an air tube to compensate for that.

3.What happens if I put larger tires on my lawn tractor?

Irregular or larger tubes if used on lawn tractors will affect the gearing of these machines. They will travel much faster with each gear shift than when compared to using shorter tires. This will affect the torque of the machine and thus end up affecting the gears.

4.Is the inner tube the same size as the TYRE?

When it comes to lawn mowers, it is almost the same in sizes. There would be a slight difference in the inner tube size compared to the wheel’s diameter. For instance, a 25 x 1.85 – 2.125 inches would show you that for a 25 inches tyre, you will need a tube of width 1.95 inches and about 2.125 inches.

5.What PSI should lawn mower tires be?

The max PSI of a tube is limited by the manufacturer and you should always stick with the recommended tire air pressure to prevent any issues. Most of the garden and lawn mowers have a standard air tire pressure of about 10 PSI or 12 PSI for the back tire and for the front tire, it is about 12 PSI to 14 PSI


Easy to install and with great build quality, the Marathon Replacement inner tube is the best pick for today. It has a 2.80/2.50-4″ tube to tire specifications, a max 30 PSI rating and is made out of high quality 4 Ply rubber.

Most importantly, it has a great rating and impeccably good reviews making it a wise choice and the best lawn mower tire tube. But given its limitations of size, for other models, please refer to the size required as this is not exactly universal.

While those were our picks, which one do you feel fits your mower? Did we miss out on anything? Or do you want us to add or remove anything? Or do you have anything to ask us? If so, feel free to write to us in the comments section below and our team will write back to you as soon as possible.

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The 7 Best Lawn Mower Tire Tubes Reviews and Buying Guide

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