Top 7 Cars with the Highest Resale Values in the US |

Top 7 Cars with the Highest Resale Values in the US

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Top 7 Cars with the Highest Resale Values 1400x840 - Top 7 Cars with the Highest Resale Values in the US - Top 7 Cars with the Highest Resale Values in the US

Buying a car is one of the memorable moments in one’s life, but if it’s not done with some consideration, it can also be one of the worst decisions. A car is expensive to buy and maintain, but if it has high resale value, it can be considered an investment.

While most of us are thought that “cars depreciate the second they leave the parking lot”, some models are designed to create value, instead of just eating money away.


SUVs are on Top

While some people considered the big, hungry SUVs doomed from the start, both the American and European market seem to favor them over other models. SUVs are roomy, can be used to transport a large family, and provide the driver with advanced safety features.

While they are not cool drift cars, SUVs and pickup trucks are in the top of vehicles with the highest resale value. Here is a list with the top 7 SUVs to consider if you’re in the market for a new car in 2018.


#1: Toyota Tacoma

This compact pickup truck is a favorite for the American driver. With 75.6% of its original value retained after 3 years, the Toyota Tacoma is capable and comfortable. Furthermore, the 2018 model has been improved with new safety-related technology, which makes it even more attractive for young drivers.

This vehicle is known to be durable; it comes on a tested platform and has a fantastic reputation for both on and off-road performance.


#2: Toyota FJ Cruiser

This vehicle is an off-roader’s dream! With a bulky design and fantastic performance on a bumpy road, the FJ Cruiser is also no longer in production. However, its resale value skyrocketed to about 91.5% from the original value after 3 years of use.

It may not be pretty, but it is a toughie!


#3: Jeep Wrangler

Everyone knows that the Jeep is a reliable, good-looking off-roader, but did you know that it also retains about 65% of its original value after 3 years? The unmistakable design and the improvements brought on in the 2018 model make it one of the most impressive vehicles to have.


#4: Toyota 4Runner

Yes, Toyota shows up a lot in our top, but this is a testimonial to their reliability in creating cars that maintain their value through the years. The 4Runner is a medium-size SUV that keeps about 72% of its original value after 3 years. It’s also sturdy, reliable, and provides a lot of space for both passengers and objects.


#5: Chevrolet Colorado

Another pickup truck with interesting features, the Chevy Colorado is designed to be durable and comfortable. Not to mention that the 2018 model looks amazingly powerful! It’s actually one of the few pickup trucks that would feature private number plates with elegance and composure.

Overall, the Chevy Colorado retains about 60% of its original value in 3 years.


#6: Honda CR-V

Honda produces several SUV designs, but the CR-V is more urban-oriented than the rest. With a compact design, this vehicle is perfect for young families and can be easily parked even by an inexperienced driver.

It may be small on the outside, but on the inside there is plenty of room for everyone and the cabin is packed with features. Finally, what makes it a great car for resale is the fact that in 3 years, it retains about 61% of its initial value.


#7: Toyota Tundra

We started the top with a Toyota; it’s only natural to close it with one! The Tundra is a full-size pickup truck that looks impressive and drives like a dream. It may not be the fastest on the market, but it is safe and reliable, which is why you can resale it with about 65% of its initial value.


In Conclusion

As you can see, people enjoy owning a powerful, big car that can provide comfort and safety. Furthermore, Toyota is still one of the best companies to keep customers satisfied with all sorts of truck sizes and features.

While we don’t want to influence your purchasing decision (in case your heart is set on another company), these are the vehicles that will support your financial investment the most.

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Top 7 Cars with the Highest Resale Values in the US

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