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Tyres On The Drive Review

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You know what a ball ache it can be to get tyres fitted when they’re running low on tread, calls to the garage, arranging when they can fit you in, does that work with your calendar, leaving the car there or waiting with it in a depressing room with strangers whilst Jeremy Kyle plays on the TV in the background, or maybe you need to arrange time off work or you try to rush and get it done on your lunch break. Eurgh. Effort.

Well for a good few years now you can have tyres fitted at home or work, Tyres On The Drive are one such company. We thought we’d use them to see how the service works.




All you have to do is whack your registration and postcode in, then click ‘Find My Tyres’.



Next you’re presented with the correct size, so make sure you’ve checked what’s on your car already and that it matches.



Once confirmed you’re presented with a list of different tyre makes, this can go from budget, mid-range to premium.

We can’t stress how important picking decent tyres is, those four pieces of rubber are what keep you on the road. At any time there’s only around the size of your palm making contact with the tarmac through each wheel, that’s not a lot of surface area…so make sure you’ve got the best rubber, your life could very well depend on it one day.



Naturally we went with Goodyear and their EfficientGrip Performance. These were being fitted to the PROJECT 106 GTi, replacing Goodyear DuraGrip that had a ton of tread left on them, but the tyres were now 8 years old. I really don’t fancy hill climbing in a car with tyres of that vintage.

From what I can make out the EfficientGrip line has replaced the old school Duragrip; they were a perfect fit for the 106 GTi as they offer shorter braking distances, as well as having an A rating for wet grip.

Once your tyres are chosen you then pay and can book a time slot. All day is free, a 2 hour one is from £2.50 and a 4 hour slot from £1.25. You’ll get a text message and email confirmation once it’s all booked in.



On The Day

We were booked in from 10am – 12 and Reese our fitter rang just after 10 letting me know he would arrive in about 40 minutes. Which he did.

I moved the car slightly further over on the drive to give better access, and it began.



Locking nut in hand and the wheel bolts were slightly reluctant to come off…the 106 has been sat for around 9 months in the elements. They budged with some brute force and a long handle tyre iron. Locking nut in hand, air jack under the 106 and the first two wheels were off in no time.



A quirk of the 106 is the solid alloy wheels. Look at every other alloy wheel on the planet and there will be a great big whole in the centre of the alloy. Not so on the 106. Due to their small size the middle is solid, it’s something i’ve noticed before but not really thought about. It becomes a pain when you want to balance said wheel.
Instead of sliding the alloy onto the balancing machine spindle, another attachment has to be fitted to the end, then it has to be aligned with the bolt holes before you can even begin to balance the thing.
All very time consuming, which made us feel guilty as poor Reese has 7 other jobs to do that day and it was already half 11.



First new tyre was on and the difference between the two was like night and day. I mean, they looked a tad ropey on the car, but once they were off you could see the toll that time and weather had taken on this rubber.
The individual blocks were so stiff compared to the new tyres, and the myriad of cracks covering the 8 year old ones made them look like a parched desert.



Once the balancing machine was set up to take our ‘special’ wheels the rest were off, balanced, and back on in a cinch. The whole process took just over an hour and a half, the old tyres are also taken away and disposed of for you and the fitted price you see on their website includes balancing, a new valve and obviously the mobile fitting.

Although the service can be used pretty much anywhere it’s mainly people at home that use it, but the majority still end up booking a day off work, or working form home. Which seems a bit odd as you could easily have this done in a workplace car park…maybe people use Tyres On The Drive as an excuse to skive?





Comparing the service to others doesn’t work out all that more expensive. If we had booked the 106 into Kwik Fit for the same Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance tyres, our price for 4 would have been £298, each tyre having a fully fitted price of £74.50.

Tyres On The Drive price per tyre with fitting, balancing and new valves was £81.99. That’s an increase of just £7.49 per tyre, which isn’t bad at all for the convenience and hassle free booking process.



Would we use them again?

Certainly. Using Tyres On The Drive was an incredibly slick and easy affair, it removed all the disruption from our day that normally goes hand in hand with getting a set of new tyres fitted.

Communication was superb at all times and the extra cost on a set of new tyres was equivalent to around 10% of what you would pay for a set of tyres at a garage, we’d rather pay that then work around someone else’s schedule.



Discount code

If you’re interested in trying Tyres On The Drive they’ve partnered with us to give you a 5% discount code off two or more tyres. Which makes the service even cheaper! Simply put the code in when you’re going through the checkout process.


CARWITTER10 will bag you 10% off four tyres, which effectively makes Tyres On The Drive as cheap as Kwik Fit 👍


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Tyres On The Drive Review

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