What is Black Hat Hackers?

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What is Black Hat Hackers

Introduction to Black Hat Hackers

The unauthorized intrusion into a computer or network is known as hacking. The people performing the activity of hacking are called hackers. Hackers can be anyone who works alone or as an employee employed by the organization with an intent to cause disruption unnecessarily. An individual who tries to hack into a system to exploit the system for malicious reasons is called a black hat hacker. The black hat hacker compromises the security of the target system without any permission or authorization.

They try to cause damage by altering the functionality of the systems, turning off the systems or reducing the security of the systems, etc. Gaining access to financial information, access to the password and other personal information without permission is the goal of black hat hackers.

There are many damages caused due to hacking as there as many targets of hacking. In the year 2016, there was a huge identity theft in which sixteen billion dollars of fifteen million Americans were stolen. A record was made last year for a data security breach in which the security of four billion records was comprised all over the world. Even though lawsuits are filed against data breaches, by the time the settlements are done for the lawsuits the damage caused by the data breaches is huge.

There was one data security breach in 2015 in which the health records of seventy-nine million people were compromised, and the company had to spend one hundred and fifteen million dollars as compensation. The consequences of a private data security breach from one organization or one’s computer are harsh, and the companies must pay in huge amounts for the lawsuits filed against such breaches. The black hat hackers can ruin the lives of many people, marriages, families, businesses, etc. while sitting on their couches in the living rooms.

Is Black Hat Hacking Illegal?

Hacking is not illegal because all hacking is not for criminal activity. Anyhow black hat hacking is illegal, and the results of black hat hacking are considered as cyber crimes that make black hat hacking a criminal activity. Black hat hacking is illegal because it breaks policies and TOS, it hurts fair play and a free market, etc. The most common cybercrime is accessing a system or network without permission and stealing the data from the system which is also black hat hacking. The cybercrimes range from class B misdemeanors carrying a penalty of six months in prison and a thousand dollars fine to class B felonies carrying a penalty of twenty years in prison and a fifteen thousand dollars fine in the united states.

The hacker Albert Gonzalez had stolen one hundred and seventy million credit cards and any time money numbers, and he was sentenced to twenty years in prison. This is one of the serious cybercrimes in the history of the United States. Albert Gonzalez and his co-workers were made to pay back hundreds of millions of dollars. All such types of black hat hackers are being arrested and charged not only in the united states but all over the world.

What do Black Hat Hackers do?

The black hat hackers make use of a variety of techniques to accomplish a perfect hack without permission. Some of the techniques are:

What do Black Hat Hackers do

1. Rootkits

A set of programs that allow hackers to gain control of the computer system and gets connected to the internet is called a rootkit. Basically, the rootkit was a backdoor to the computer to fix certain software issues, but hackers are using rootkits to take control of the operating system illegally from legitimate users. The rootkits can be installed in several different ways in the victim’s system, one among them is social engineering and attacks of phishing. The hacker can illegally gain access and control the system by stealing the information or turning off the system by installing the rootkits in the system.

2. Key Loggers

Every key pressed on the keyboard can be recorded or logged using this specially designed tool called key logger. Every keystroke on the computer keyboard is recorded by clinging to the application programming interface by the key logger. Then the recorded file is saved and the recorded file contains important data like usernames, the websites visited, etc. If the personal details are being typed on the keyboard of the computer like credit card details, passwords, etc. The keylogger can capture them. Cybercriminals steal the sensitive data by using keyloggers which arrive into the system as a malware.

3. Vulnerability Scanner

The weaknesses in the network, system, etc. can be identified using a vulnerability scanner. Ethical hackers use vulnerability scanners to find the loopholes in the system and fix them. But black hat scanners misuse the vulnerability scanner to find out the weak spots in the system and to exploit the system.

4. SQL Injection Attack

To exploit the data in the database, structured query language (SQL) is used. The type of cyber attack in which the databases are tricked through structured query language statements is SQL Injection Attack. A website interface is used to execute this kind of cyber-attack and this is used to hack usernames, passwords and database information. The applications that have poor coding are prone to SQL Injection Attacks because these websites contain user input fields that can be easily hacked by code manipulation.

5. Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS)

The normal traffic to enter the server is distorted resulting in a denial of service by a malicious attack known as distributed denial of service attack. It is a traffic jam that blocks the road and prevents the regular traffic from reaching their destination. The devices that can be easily connected to the network like computers, IoT devices, mobile phones, etc. are prone to distributed denial of service attacks.


It is too difficult to stop the black hat hacking problem because black hat hacking is global. The law enforcement faces many challenges with respect to black hat hacking because the hackers leave no proofs, make use of unsuspecting victim’s computers. In order to protect ourselves from these hackers, we must be proactive, keep the firewall turned on, update good antivirus software and install all operating system updates.

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What is Black Hat Hackers?

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