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Which Celebrity Has This Tattoo – Super Quiz

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– Some celebrities should think before they ink. – Let’s talk about that. (playful theme music) Good mythical morning. – Sometimes people get so famous that they end up being in this bubble, where no one will question any of their decisions. This helps to explain things like Drake getting a Lil Wayne tattoo right next to his already existing Drakkar Noir tattoo. – Really? – Yes. That is a real thing. But Drake’s Drakkar Noir tattoo next to his Lil Wayne tattoo is only scratching the epidermis of celebrity tattoos, and Link we’re gonna go deep into the black ink pool of celebrity tattoos and see how well you know your celebrity ink.

It’s time for, Hope Link Don’t Stink at Guessing This Celebrity Ink. Okay, here’s how this is gonna work, I’m gonna ask you some questions about celebrity tattoos. If you get four of them correct, you win, and that means you get to give me a tattoo, a two-week henna tattoo on my back. If you don’t get four right, I get to give you a two-week henna tattoo on your back. – But I get to choose what it is? – Ah, no, that’s part of it. – Okay, well that’s different. – Alright, let’s bring out the first photo.

This is not a graphic photo of a ruptured cyst, it is one of two Missy Elliott tattoos, on the legs, belonging to a famous celeb, who disrespected Missy E like this? Was it A, Johnny Depp, B, Shia Labeouf, or C, Megan Fox? – Hold on, I thought that was like a tattoo of a gourd. – No, that’s Missy baby. – That’s Missy, oh my goodness. – In her trash bag suit from that video. – Oh, I get it. Doesn’t seem like a Johnny Depp thing to do. Anything is a Shia Labeouf thing to do. Megan Fox has, I don’t know what her sense of humor’s like. I’ve never spoken with her. I don’t know, I think Shia’s too obvious, so I’m going with C, the Megan Fox. – Alright Link you’re wrong, it was Shia Labeouf, you should’ve gone with them instincts. He actually has a gallery of tats that include two Missy Elliotts, The Notorious BIG and Tupac, all of which are not Bumblebee from Transformers, and therefore unacceptable.

– And he’s like in, where is he, in a hotel in that shot? – Yeah, you know, like a little ballroom area. – Like a hotel conference area. – Alright, here’s the next one. Hey girl, this Ryan Gosling tattoo that looks nothing at all like Ryan Gosling unless the Ryan Gosling we all know is always wearing a very realistic mask is permanently tattooed on someone’s body, whose? Is it A, Bam Margera of Jackass fame, who also dated Jessica Simpson, what? B, Ryan Cabrera, the mid-2000s one-hit wonder, who dated Ashlee Simpson, or C, Vanilla Ice, the early ’90s two-hit wonder who was once featured on The Simpsons? You see The Simpsons? – I’ve heard of that, but I haven’t heard of Vanilla Ice’s second hit.

Is that the Ninja Turtles song? – Yeah, Ninja Turtles. – I don’t think, I think the Ice is above this. – That’s an interesting theory. – I’m not gonna, I don’t know who Ryan Cabrera is, even though you told me, so I’m gonna go with Bam Margererera from Jackass fame, who dated Jessica Simpson. – Just ’cause you don’t know Ryan doesn’t mean he doesn’t have this tattoo, because he does. Ryan Cabrera, he actually spoke to the tattoo, – [Link] He’s got an achidna on his head. – He spoke to the tattoo. No, he spoke about the tattoo to the Las Vegas Review Journal, which is exactly the type of publication you’d think is still interested in Ryan Cabrera. He says, I’m very proud of it, I consider it the Bentley of tattoos. To which Bentley responded with a lawsuit.

I don’t think he’s a worthy target of a lawsuit. – I had a form of that hair for a long time, and now I regret it. – Despite being every Midwestern couple’s first choice for their wedding song, Ed Sheeran has a full torso covered in tats, which of the following is not tattooed on his body? Is it A, Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night, B, Henri Matisses’s Mother and Child, or C, three Shrek tattoos? – Well if you get one, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get two more when it comes to Shrek. Man, which one is not on his body? – Yeah, not on his body. – Well A and B belong to the same person. So then Shrek is the outlier. I don’t know, but I think he likes to mix it up. – Old Ed, mixing it up again.

I think Starry Night is not on his torso. – Okay, you’re wrong. It was a semi-trick question, because he actually has two Shrek tattoos, not three Shrek tattoos. – What? – But he’s got two Shrek tattoos. – Come on. – He has the gingerbread man and Puss in Boots from the movie Shrek, which is weird because he says he hates the movie. That’s just strange to me. I see he enjoys ruining his body, just like he ruined Game of Thrones. – I did hear he showed up in that. – I didn’t see it. – So did you, you also heard. – Yeah, I know that people got upset about it. A former teen Disney star got a tattoo of open kissing lips that unfortunately turned out looking more like a loosely puckered b-hole.

Loosely puckered. – Who was it? Was it A, Hilary Duff, B, Selena Gomez, or C, Demi Lovato? – It’s like, what’s that called when your flesh starts to rot? – The leprosy? – Yeah, it’s like lip leprosy. – Gangrene? – Necro, something. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – This could be any of these people. Hilary Duff, Selena the Gomez, Demi the Lovato. I don’t know, I’m blind guessing at this point. I think this is a Gomez. – You think a Gomez special? – This is a Gomez special.

I wish you were right, no, it’s Demi man. Demi Lovato got this butthole tattooed on her. But she – Where is it? – Where is this thing, do we know exactly? It’s on her wrist, so it’s out in the open. – So she can close it, though, by doing like this. – Well she immediately got it covered up by a non-butthole-like rose, because she realized it looked like a butthole. But you know what, I think she should’ve kept it, because everybody knows, what they say, the butthole is the mouth of the butt. – And mine looks like a rose, alright. – Ain’t that right? – How am I doing? – Doesn’t everybody say that? – I’m doing great.

-You’ve missed all of them. You’re definitely getting a tattoo of my face on your back. – Oh of, what, your face? – Yeah, and other accoutrements. David Bowie, may he rest in peace, surprisingly only had one known tattoo on his body, what was that tattoo? Was it A, a faceless man riding a dolphin while holding a frog, B, a photorealistic depiction of the rumored aliens from Roswell, or C, his wife’s name inside a neon orb erupting from a volcano? – Kudos for writing two out of three of those, because they’re all crazy sounding.

I cannot believe the first one, a faceless man riding a dolphin while holding a frog, that’s the stuff dreams are made out of, not tattoos. The photorealistic depiction of a rumored alien, how can he have a photo-realistic depiction of something that doesn’t exist? – Right, well there were videos. – I’m hoping this is, I mean, his wife’s name, I got my wife’s name tattooed on me. – Yeah, me too, well, my wife. – I plan on surrounding it with a neon orb and then erupting all of it from a volcano, so I hope he also has that. – That’s your answer? – Heck yeah. – Link, the stuff dreams are made of is the stuff David Bowie’s tattoo is made of. – What? – Yes, he actually has – That’s crazy. – One of a man riding a dolphin holding a frog.

I don’t know what it is, but I have too much respect for the man, and it’s too soon, I don’t feel like I can make a joke about David Bowie, so I’m just gonna move on. – Well, we showed his tattoo. – Ground control to Major Frog. Couldn’t help myself. Who got Till I die sw as a dramatic gesture of love for an ex lover? Was that A, Tom Hardy, B, Matthew Broderick, or C, Colin Farrell? Link, you gotta get one right buddy. – Well this one’s easy. Till I die sw. – Wearing Fruit of the Looms, you can see the underwear down there. That helps, right? – This has got Colin Farrell written all over it. Well not literally, the name is not written there, but I’m sure he’s written his own name on his body in a tattoo form somewhere else. Colin Farrell – Wrong, it’s Tom Hardy. He got the ink in 1999 when he married his now ex-wife Sarah Ward, and he hasn’t gotten it covered up, and he hasn’t gotten it covered up, because there’s a lot of SWs that you can be devoted to until death, including Stevie Wonder, sweet wine, soft wool, sauerkraut wiener, sarcastic wizards, so what, Shaun White, seductive walrus, secondhand watermelon, suggestive whale, succulent Winnebago, stupid witch, and Sigourney Weaver.

You gotta get one right, last chance. – Okay. – Badgal Riri spends most of her time in my daydreams, but she has managed to clock her extra time at the tattoo parlor. Her most famous piece is a large chest tattoo of an ancient goddess, which goddess is it? I’m gonna give you an A-B, I’m gonna give you A-B. It’s either A or B. – Fifty-fifty. – Is it ancient Egyptian goddess of fertility Isis, or is it ancient Ugaritic goddess of love and war Anat. – Love and war, hmmm. – You can do it. – Badgirl Riri love and war. Definitely. – For the clean sweep, you’re wrong. – Ohhhh, fertility. Oh, what did you do? – It was Isis, – Congratulations for getting on there. – [Rhett] This is a pretty suggestive photo, so we have censored it just for you. – Oh everyone else is seeing the real photo? – Just for everyone. You can take this to your dreams tonight. Riri’s gonna be in your dreams, and then I’m gonna be in your dreams twice. – With a Rhett face bikini, or whatever that is.

Thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – Hi, I’m Beval from Bangalore, India. I just got my first tattoo. It says be your mythical best. It’s time to spin the wheel of mythicality. – Grab your frog and ride your dolphin over to the Rhett and Link Instagram, where you can get a special sneak peek of our Book of Mythicality. – Oh yeah, do it, and click through to Good Mythical More, where I’m gonna endure the punishment of Rhett giving me a tattoo on my back of himself. – Win face, congratulations to Rick we love the Rhett and Link tribute. You won an I Want My GMM t-shirt. – Wooooh-eeee. – [Rhett] Thanks for clicking subscribe. – [Link] Click on the left to watch the show after the show, Good Mythical More. – [Rhett] Click on the right to watch another episode of Good Mythical Morning.


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Which Celebrity Has This Tattoo – Super Quiz

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