Wisconsin residents slammed for hitting up bars after court rips up stay-at-home order

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Wisconsin residents hit the bars with a vengeance last night—and the internet was not happy about it. 

The Wisconsin Supreme Court’s conservative majority trashed the state’s stay-at-home order Wednesday night, prompting hundreds of patrons to celebrate by drinking themselves into oblivion. Unburdened by a totalitarian government hell-bent on mitigating the spread of a pandemic, the Cheeseheads held court at various watering holes, including Nick’s on 2nd, with nary a face mask or glove in sight.  

45 minutes after the bars open in Wisconsin…. pic.twitter.com/xqaDlS6ajP

— Nick's bar (@nicksonsec) May 14, 2020

“We’re the Wild West,” Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers reportedly told MSNBC last night. “There is nothing that’s compelling people to do anything other than having chaos here.”

Those who weren’t celebrating the death of Wisconsin’s stay-at-home order were busy dragging partiers on Twitter. 

“A huge, ripe F*CK YOU to the people in Wisconsin going out to the bars tonight because the state Supr*me Court trashed the Stay-at-Home order,” Twitter user @bretw321 wrote. “I would like to see my F*CKING family at some point in 2020 and meet my F*CKING nephew, DRINK ALONE YOU LOSERS.”

He followed up his initial tweet with a screenshot of a conversation with a friend who apparently went out drinking despite testing positive for COVID-19. 

Update: called this individual out for going to the bars tonight and they TOLD ME THEY TESTED POSITIVE FOR COVID-19. AND WENT OUT ANYWAY. pic.twitter.com/C5HaJx5uG5

— Bret (@bretw321) May 14, 2020

Several other Twitter users expressed their outrage over Wisconsin residents’ mad dash to the bars. Some of them captioned their posts with #RIPAmerica, which is the fourth-highest-trending hashtag in the U.S. at the time of this writing.

• Wisconsin forced its citizens to vote in person and people got sick.• WI forced it’s citizens back to work and people are getting sick.• WI forced its citizens to be compromised by IDIOTS in WI who flooded bars w/NO PLAN and people are going to die.#RIPAmerica pic.twitter.com/GWJaRY1Z0f

— TRUMP GOT CAUGHT (@RebelPussy) May 14, 2020

Wisconsin Supreme Court orders all business to open immediately and provides NO SAFETY GUIDELINES!!#COVIDIOTS rush to bars to look stupid and drink.#RIPAmerica https://t.co/LdlSqFELMw

— #IStandWithIlhan (@PsychBarakat) May 14, 2020

Republicans are now giving workers of Wisconsin the choice of working their underpaid, shitty jobs to survive (while corporate heads and politicians enjoy subsidies in their mansions) or avoid a virus with a 4% mortality rate.#RIPAmerica https://t.co/cTscKCw5sn

— [sic] & tirade (@SicAndTirade) May 14, 2020

Ordering businesses to open from the safety of their homes… The future illnesses and deaths in Wisconsin due to Covid, will be on the hands of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.#RIPAmerica https://t.co/GPctvbvtes

— Louie G 🇩🇪🇲🇽🇺🇲 (@LouGarza86) May 14, 2020

We Now Go Live….With Special Corespondent: Buzz Lightyear….From Wisconsin!…#RIPAmerica ….”That’s The Way It Is Folks!” pic.twitter.com/dg24YvTae9

— BIG PAULIE'S WORLD🏆(41-33) (@bigpaulierules) May 14, 2020

I am blocking everyone I see who is out at the bars in Wisconsin do y’all not care about anyone else’s health??? People are dying, suck it up and stay home

— awdamn (@awdayum) May 14, 2020

Congratulations, Wisconsin. You just killed us all. #RIPAmerica

— Princess Caroline (@YogaTheBear) May 14, 2020

Goodbye Wisconsin, it was nice knowing you… #COVIDIOTS #RIPAmerica

— Staying in is the new going out (@dowatuc) May 14, 2020

Keep an eye out for more civil, productive discourse regarding the state of Wisconsin’s reopened economy and recreational drinkers in the days to come.


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Wisconsin residents slammed for hitting up bars after court rips up stay-at-home order

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