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*Upbeat dance/electronic music* [“Better Off Alone” by Alice Deejay] Happy Easter Everyone!! *knock knock knock knock knock* Who is it? It’s your uncle! *knock knock knock knock* It’s your uncle! Just kidding..just kidding it’s me PewDiePie Welcome to Meme Review.. YouTube’s favorite show that’s right “But Pew-Pewdiepie..every video is YouTube’s favourite show- *SHHTFHUU* Where are the memes, Felix? I was worried that you weren’t gonna upload Meme Review while you were in Japan” Don’t worry. Wipe your tears. It’s okay and perhaps there will even be bonus meme today Will it? Who knows keep watching and you’ll find out? mid-roll come on *clap* mid-roll come on The first meme is probably the greatest meme of all time. Be sure to hit like and subscribe right now, because what’s about to happen will blow your mind [Yodeling Kid in Walmart] This is it. This is it? This is what’s going viral these days, a kid singing at Walmart, that’s enough? That’s all it takes!? You think I can’t do that? [Pewds trying to replicate the yodelling kid] He doesn’t even keep a consistent tempo, what the frick guys! But of course anything popular on the internet will transcend into memes.

That’s just how it works. No matter how bad or how good, just like Fortnite became a meme now this little kid is a meme and therefore That’s right. We will review it..relax People started making remixes of the yodeling kid. [Electronic-sounding yodeling] [Yodeling with drum beat] In case you can’t tell by yourself the more, they shake the camera towards the screen, the more lit the song is. [Yodeling with drum beat plays] In case you can’t tell by yourself the more, they shake the camera towards the screen, the more lit the song is. Alright..you like this? Huh? [Pewds mimicking yodeling] Coachella 2018. Wouldn’t surprise me cuz now he’s a meme so it’s cool right? “Oh look. It’s so cooool” [Audio of kid yodeling in Walmart] Kids have so much talent these days.

BEAUTIFUL YODELLING KID REMIX Someone has to do it every time, it’s just a [Pewds gasp-laugh combo] Great now we got that out of the way. That’s great. You know I had to doOOoooOO it to them [Pewds gasp-laugh combo 2.0] *smacks table* [Pewds gasp-laugh combo 2.0] Them: Are you okay? Me: I’m fine. My brain: That must be some pretty dark stuff going on in your brain if that’s what you’re thinking about, damn.

[Yodeling Kid…Again] Of course people tried, of course people already thought, what I thought, “Alright, Well if he can do it, then so can I”. So people are just starting to sing at Walmart now. [Yodeling Kid Copy] I can’t believe people that sing, that’s just the utmost admirable talent of all time. The fact that she’s also quite young just makes this a hundred times more interesting because I’ve never seen that before it’s really truly Something special that we need to celebrate at all cost.

[Yodeling Kid remix] *fttbfbtfptfptbttftfftpfbttfftpftbpftpfbtttptftdoofenme* [Yodeling Kid remix] Since this video has gone viral Inevitably, it’s been bought and licensed by some third-party company That’s going to claim the revenue of this video because that clip showed up in this video, and they’re gonna be like, “Well, we’re gonna dismay the fact that this is a review and just take all the revenue.” Just pre-warning, can we have some legal texts up on the screen? I Will fight you to the death Third-party claim Companies.

Okay? Claim this video–I’m warning you now–you claim this video, which is a review, of the meme? I will ki…. I can’t say that. That’s not a good legal thing to say. The media of course can’t have enough of this Any time there’s a young boy, or young girl doing something slightly above average *clap* It’s the most viral thing possible *clap* *clap* It’s the most viral thing possible *clap* *clap* *clap* It’s the most viral thing possible It’s the most viral thing possible A-and we can’t have enough of this young Walmart boy singing when is the young yodeling boy going to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show? It’s never going to be better than when hashtag Alex from Twitter I-It’s never going to be better than when #Alex from Twitter Appeared on Ellen show you can’t they will never be better it will never ever surpass that that was the peak of humanity But he could be really cute think about it And we got you this and it’s I’m Alex from Target and I was on Ellen and she gave me this sweatshirt And please watch her show every day Where is Alex from Twitter now Isn’t it crazy or everyone is living at the same time.The Yodling boy kid.

He gets a yawd lawd lawder Zero this meme is garbage Zero this meme is garbage And it’s gonna be dead in a week Meme review *clap* Meme review *clap* *clap* Meme review Everybody meme review *clap* Everybody meme review *clap* *clap* Everybody meme review A few weeks ago a legend passed away. I’m talking of course, yes, about piano keyboard cat Deep voice: “Why are we still here?” Stop crying, please wipe the tears off your face, I know this is emotional I know this is tough, but there’s a time for mourning, and it’s not ‘meow’ ..get it Cuz.. alright. How did this cat have such amazing musical talent? We don’t know This really shows the cultural shift that’s happening right now.

A little kid sings somewhat average Oh, that’s viral, but this master Mozart of piano cat has mastered the piano and no one even bats an eye when he died Well, the cat community of course was devastated. Wipe the tea- please stop crying Here’s an example of Annette a cooking eating pajama cat. That’s just filled with tears Nothing will- will cure this man out of its depression. Here we have a cowboy cat just crying This is the exact moment when he find out this cat was plunged into a level 6 depression This cat ..ate a pizza, and it’s still crying. I don’t know what it is with the crying cats. That’s just so funny *squeak laugh* It’s so cute *cough-laugh* It’s so cute *cough-laugh* What happened with kitt- with memes? Cat memes used to be so innocent and cute cute, innocent, and joyful to laugh at.

Now, it’s just become this bizarre.. I don’t know what it is. Like what is this? That’s a cat meme everybody. That’s funny, right? What happened to cat memes? They used to be so sweet We have officially reached maximum capacity, this is.. The rating of the cat meme gets [Symphony playing slow and emotional music] Now do we have time for bonus meme? the moment we’ve all been waiting for now this meme, it’s It’s alright. Did you guys ever watch American Chopper? Is that what it’s called? I think so there was this one scene where he fire- I think he fires his son? I don’t- “This is the kind of stuff. We’ve been dealing with for ten years!” “YEAh.” Which also leads to the meme, the argument meme..the good old argument meme. Is that what we’re calling it? I don’t know. I don’t care alright here we go So relatable guys whenever I try to Do the self-checkout it just never works am I right? Leave a like on this video This meme sort of became the plothole uh argument meme in a way I think my favorite one is the Garfield one So.

True. I can’t believe no one has properly deconstructed Garfield until we were blessed with this meme There’s also the famous plot hole in Lord of the Rings where the ea- oh why don’t they just get the eagles am I right? FINALLY someone said it. Thank you. Now I would rate this meme probably above average, but unfortunately it’s been covered by BuzzFeed Which means this meme gets a BuzzFeed Seal of Approval? *clap* *clap* *clap* Have a great time everybody and do think of bonus meme before you go to sleep tonight. This has been PewDiePie with meme review everybody See You Guys Next Time In Meme Review And Remember To Have Fun.

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